Sometimes they can just jump right out ya.
You need to be ready - when you click to open - one of our letters.

Well - it's still Summer Down Under alright - and we've been having some real heatwave days - but as you're all likely to say - who are we to complain - sitting here on a yacht in Botany Bay - and relaxing - in the cool seabreeze.   Guilty as charged.   But you know what Penny says about that - as she stretches out on her cushions again.

But I'll tell you what's HOT - and what's not hot - at present.
thedogpaddler website is super HOT - if the number of emails we've been getting is any guide to go by.   We're drowning in new emails - ever since we put a photo and some buttons on that silly 'Ball on a String' page.   There has been a continuous stream of notes and letters from every corner of the globe - from friendly folk who have visited the page and then explored around the website - seeing some of these Newsletter Emails - and the many other fun and original things we've put up.   As I've said before - you could spend a week looking at all the stuff there now - and still never see it all.
In just one day - we had letters from people in Sweden, USA, Carribean, England, Portugal, India, Alaska - all saying how much they enjoyed thedogpaddler - and wanting to say hello - to Penny and me.    One email that arrived today - had all the CC email addresses - that it had been forwarded to, since October - hundreds of them - section after section - that showed the amazing journey that 'Forwarded' emails can make.
And this was only one small arm of the many branches and millions of people, that original email will reach as it continues to circle the world - multiplying by the thousands - second by second - as it's forwarded from each person - who wants to pass along a bit of simple fun -  to all their contact friends.
In the vast global world of technological information overload that is the Internet
a simple coloured ball on a piece of string
can still entertain us.
And just in case you forgot it
here it is - all over again
(why don't you forward this on AGAIN
it could go to another million people by tomorrow)
It just shows again - what an amazing worldwide communication network is the Internet
reaching out to millions of people - everywhere.
It's really been a bit too hot to be doing too much work around the place - well that's my excuse this week - but it doesn't seem to have stopped a constant parade of regular visitors - mostly our neighbouring yachties.   Neighbour Keith was having some trouble with his outboard - so rowed over to see if I had a small outboard part.
Penny takes her duties very seriously
And then of course he had to row home - with colourful pirate talk on the way.
(and don't ask me what he's doing wearing that jacket on such a hot day)
Penny of course oversees all boating movements in our area
Actually THIS is usually how you see Keith getting around on these hot days
(and this one comes under the heading of 'not so hot')
some typical reactions

We've had a couple of good visits from Bill (on shore) giving his new runabout it's sea trials.
Bruno and Ariel stopped by
And in between
So there you have it - relaxing, resting - and waiting for the next big event
a pleasant way to while away the hot summer days - that is  u - n - t - i - l  . . . . . . 
So until next time
bye for now
Sydney, Australia