That's right Superman!
And we've GOT better chains than that.
But it meant another drive back 'out West' - to - would you believe it - Mt Druitt.
Who would have thought - that one of the biggest supplies of old ship chain was laying in a factory yard at Kurrajong Avenue, Mt Druitt.   Little more than a kilometre from where I had my Law office all those 20 odd years ago - and only a few miles from our old home - and not to mention about 30 miles from the sea.   But that's the story - and it seems the fellow has bought a huge shipment of old ship chain - as well as new chain too - in from Singapore.
I owe special thanks to our friend Glen Gandy - at Minchinbury Ropes & Splicing
(this photo was taken last year when he made up our mooring ropes)
who I had rung to see if he knew where I could get some chain - and he put me right on to the bloke who is a friend of his - and Glen even met us there as well - to introduce me, and see I got a great deal - which was just excellent of him.
So that's how we ended up having to drive back out home - and firstly pick up my big trailer which was sitting in the paddock alongside where the yacht had been built - and full up with wire rope, bricks, roof tiles, and timber - and of course we needed Kevin with the crane to pick it up and lift it over the fence for us - and on to the driveway.
Kevin's children were there too (on school holidays) and as always Chantelle was keen to 'take Penny for a walk' - which Penny seems to enjoy for about '2 minutes' and then wants to come back to me.   This photo in shadow, has been 'colour adjusted' - experimenting with a program.
Then we drove over to the yard to find that there was chain . . . .
more chain . . . . .
and more chain . . . . .
and the exact chain I had asked for was there ready - and cut - for me
You will recall that I explained before with a diagram that we need very heavy ship chain as the first 'ground chain' - then a large chain - as an 'intermediate' chain' - up to the swivel and buoy and  - then a 'top chain' and 'heavy rope' - up to the yacht.   All connected with appropriately sized shackles from huge on the bottom - to still quite big - at the top.
So with the trailer loaded up - we drove it all back to the shipyard at Taren Point and off-loaded the heavy chain - for it to wait and be attached to the mooring block.
And in addition to these big chains - I took advantage of a good offer - and also got about 30' of new 20mm stud chain - and a couple of big 1" swivels - which have eventually ended up in the car boot (after the trailer went home) - and the car is really dragging it's tail right now.
So that's where we are right now with the chain - it's all here - ready and waiting.
And as you know the block has been poured and made - which will be the next part of the ongoing 'Story of the Block' - which is turning out to be nearly as big a production as 'Ben Hur' - but give it time - we may still see 'Chariots and the Son of God' - before it's done.
So . . . we'll say bye for now . . .  until we meet again
Sydney, Australia