No - we're not dead - or had a computer crash - and it's only been a few days since you've heard from us - but I see that apart from just a bare couple of emails turning up - it has been surprisingly quiet - and no-one seems the slightest concerned.   So perhaps I could have just carried on working on the website and not written at all.
But I wanted to let you know about the   about the website.
So I suppose you're wondering just what the   could be.
Well I won't delay any further and I'll just make the   now.
At long, long, long, last
I have uploaded the entire 'Trouble Cartoon Collection'
all 108 of them - to 3 NEW GALLERIES
You can go to the new Main Page by clicking on
any of these images or the following link:
'Trouble 3D Cartoons'
As all of you would know - who were with us throughout 2007 - these large 'Trouble Cartoons' were being created regularly by me - much like I'm now doing with the new Email Banners you see.   They started out by using simple techniques and as the year progressed and new skills were learned  - they became (I think) better and more elaborate.   There is almost a year's work of graphical learning and fun contained in these humorous images.
It has taken me quite a while to organize, create and upload, these large galleries - and that's why I haven't sent out our usual emails for a few days - while I concentrated on completing this project.   I think it was worth the effort - to at last have them all together and accessible.
Everything is optimized and fast loading - and when viewing the galleries - you only have to click straight on an image, for it to progress to the next one - so even though there are a lot - it should not take too long - even if you want to have a look at them all.
Particularly for all our friends - who have only been getting the emails this year - and therefore never received them - they will be completely new - and I hope entertaining.
So, please, take a while - and have a look through them when you can - it won't take too long - compared to the many, many, hours it took me to create them all - and present them here.  
Please pass this email - or the link for the albums - along to your friends.
Thank you.
Yes - well, that certainly has been a project - to have gotten finished - as anyone who's ever made a webpage or gallery would know.   In the end I have had to upload more than 430 individual files to the website to create and display the pages and galleries as you see - and you know the trouble I have here trying to do any large uploads from the moving yacht - with losing the Wireless Internet connection quite regularly.   I ended up having to break the uploads into small batches of 10 files or so - in the hope the connection would not drop out for a moment, each time.
But we've still had time for photos - and visitors
and we'll be sending more sunsets and 'home snaps' next time - as per usual.
Penny's had to deal with 'mass bird assaults' and on top of that
we've near frozen to death - with these cold nights
otherwise - everything is just great.
So - enjoy the galleries - and until next time . . .
(and what do you think of the new layout down the bottom)
Bye and take care
Sydney, Australia
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