The 'Trouble' Cartoon Collection
3D Cartoons by Rodney Field


Gallery 1: No's 1-39     Gallery 2: No's 40-75     Gallery 3: No's 76-108



There are 108 large 3D Cartoons in these galleries.
All the cartoons were created by me in Photoshop mostly using small B & W cartoons from across
the Net - and re-doing them to fit the 'Trouble' character - which is supposed to be a larger  - me.
Penny nearly always features in them -  as herself - and embarrassed to be there.

You will see that the scenes and character began simply - and as my techniques and skills grew
the cartoons and feature images became more complex and enriched with new effects learned.

They were done over the whole of 2007 and sent out in emails to our friends
and are now presented here as a full series - for your enjoyment.

Although in most cases the base cartoon idea is not original - the new 3D digital art that you see here
is completely my own creation - and therefore copyrighted to me.

I am happy for you to pass them on to friends and use them yourself privately and non-commercially.
If, however you wish to use the images in any other way - please contact me for permission.

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