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Subject: Christmas List - Lowest Tide - sunk in the mud

  Have you got your list in?   Penny has.

Today was one of the lowest tides of the year - and we were buried in the mud - down to the ships belly.   Is it any wonder that the generator wouldn't run properly yesterday - and the intake filters were clogged with mud.   It's plain to see why.
The distance from the top of the black antifoul paint - to the bottom of the keel is 9'6" - which means that a good 2 metres of keel is buried in the mud.
When it's high tide - 6 hours later - the deck of the yacht yacht rises about 6' higher than the dock - and we are pretty well floating - but probably have about a foot of the keel still in the mud.
None of this is doing any harm - and the yacht sits quite comfortably down on its full belly.   I imagine that part of the skeg and rudder are also in the mud - and maybe some of the prop - but it's just dirty soft slimy mud - and I can't see it doing any harm.
But it will not be possible to run the main engine or the big generator - while ever it's low tide here - because the seawater inlet is buried - and it also explains why I've had trouble sometimes trying to pump out the grey water sump tank - it's definitely fully blocked at low tide.


Otherwise it's been a pleasant sunny day.
It's almost Christmas - only 2 days to go - and it looks like we may spend a quiet one here aboard - just Penny & I.   It's not that we haven't been invited - it's just that we're a distance away - to be travelling about on Christmas Day - so we'll get a few treats tomorow - and spend the day in quiet reflection - and kind thoughts of the rest of you.    So don't worry about us.
It's been a big few weeks - and who'd have thought that we'd be spending Christmas Day aboard the yacht - ON THE WATER.   I'll bet there were a few who would have bet otherwise.
All the best - Merry Christmas - and we'll keep sending like always.
Rodney & Penny




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