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Subject: PENNY FELL IN !

That's right - don't ask me exactly how it happened - because my back was turned - but a short while ago - she gave me the biggest scare I've had in a long while.
We were at the stern of the yacht - and I had put her in the Dory Runabout - to go for a spin around the Bay to check out landing spots.   She was standing on the front of the boat - and I was undoing the outboard off the back deck coaming - for about 30 seconds - when I heard a splash.
I turned back to see that she was GONE.
I frantically looked over the stern in the water - but couldn't see her.
So within seconds - I tore off my hat and the camera around my neck - and jumped in.
But she was nowhere to be seen - I looked in a panic on both sides of the yacht and under the stern - but she had disappeared.
I immediately thought the worst - that she gone under - and somehow hadn't come up - it was impossible to see anything - the visibility in the water was only a few feet - but there wasn't a sign of her anywhere.
I was devastated - and getting upset - as I swam about - and screamed out to the people working on a big cruiser in the Travel Lift Dock about 50 feet away- that I'd lost Penny - that she was in the water - and I can't find her.
Then one of the fellows said - they could see her - ON SHORE - I said NO! - she's in the water - it's only been a few seconds - she's still here somewhere.
And he said 'No - it's her - she's on shore'
I still couldn't believe it - and from the water - still about 50' out and swimming in - I said - 'Go and get her - Show me - makes sure it's HER!'
As I swam to the steps of the dock - I yelled out -  'Is it her?  Is it her?'
And he said 'YES - it's her.'   'She's going up the yard'
He ran and got her - and it was HER - wet - bedraggled - shaking - excited.   He put her on the front deck of the yacht.   And as I stepped on board she ran over to me clearly frightened but tail wagging and looking like a drowned rat.

I just can't understand it at all - the timing is all wrong for me - she CAN'T have got to shore - unless she fell in earlier than the splash I heard - she MUST have - and it was just a chop against the boat - because it's over 100' from the back of the yacht to the shore - and I can't even see WHERE she could have gotten out and up.
But I was only undoing the outboard for what seemed like seconds - I just cannot understand how it was possible for her to have fallen in and swum to shore.
Well I know she can dogpaddle (she IS thedogpaddler.com) - but My God - she must have fallen straiight in - trying to jump back on to the yacht - and swum 100' in less than a minute or so.

All I know is that for a few moments as I splashed about searching
I honestly thought she had drowned - and it was horrible.
(and it can't have been too nice for her either)
Just like Kids - eh - you can't take your eyes off them for a second - they say.
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