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  Happy New Year
Well - because I've been slack these last few days - and have't sent out any emails - or even answered those I should - instantly - I'm now miles behind - and also falling in arrears on the photos too.   Because as usual I've been taking photos - but this time - have just not sent them along straight away.
So now we have to play 'catch up' - and look at a whole lot - to get up to now.
I told you I caught some fish off the back of the yacht.
The next day I actually caught a decent sized flathead - which was immediately cleaned and filleted and bagged into the freezer - I thought I'd wait until I caught a few more.
I just set up the rod - with clip on 'fishing bells' on it - cast out - then go back to the book - until I hear the tinkling bells - and go and check the line.  Take my word for it - most fish will catch themselves - there's really no need to be standing there holding the rod for hours and frequently checking the bait.   Take the lazy way out - BUY BELLS - and relax.
What would an email be without another sunset?

Then there was Saturday and the Family Lunch - up at Dick & Elsie's Village.   Penny & I went - along with the immediate local relatives and some not so local.   The photos that are here - were all taken on Graham's good camera - I took a few - but these are better.
Now this is just an excellent photo he's taken of Tina & Penny.
They are both looking and paying attention to me with a sort of look of interest but incredulity
as I tell a 'fishing story' - (see the next photo)
At least I'm pretty sure it was a fishing story.

And of course what sort of an email would it be without a sunrise photo as well.

Then on Sunday we had an early visit from Peter & Bev Woods - who had dropped a daughter at the airport early - then called around.   Peter helped me with some of the steel plates - and we were doing them for most of the day - on some of the inside walls - and then finished up by putting the cockpit  'Rope Lights' back up - all around the inside of the cockpit roof - with dozens of new clips - and all is working fine again - and the whole area - inside and out - looks great at night - with all the lighting back up.

Which of course brings us to this evening's fireworks.
Kevin and Allen - and their families came for a visit and to look at the distant show from the back of the yacht - on the bay.
And that brings us pretty much right up till now - with the photos and goings on around the place.
Did I mention that I had another tooth pulled on Thursday - it's been loose for ages - and I had to walk miles - because the car was locked in the shipyard - and there was no one to let me out - miles and miles - and then bus trips to Rockdale - to the only Dentist in the district who was open - then 3 minutes in the chair - (I'm not kidding) and $150 - thank you very much.
   Penny has lost a couple of front teeth too.
This one is an incisor - (R fang) - which will slow down my vampire activities.
It's starting to look like Penny and I are just going to end up a pair of 'toothless old Pirates' - if this keeps up.
Well that's about all - till now.   I'm sorry I haven't replied properly yet to some letters - but I absolutely will.
Rodney & Penny (I'm not toofless)
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