A couple of old salts had the bright idea to take their yachts around a few miles to Kurnell - where the water is a lot cleaner (being near the entrance to Botany Bay) and to careen the yachts (run them aground to work on) on the sandy bottom there - and do some underwater barnacle scraping and put on some new zinc anodes

Another couple of idiots offered to help - and a dog got dragged in by just being around the idiots.

So it was that early the other morning we boarded Cranky Andy's yacht - and in company with Laurie's yacht - we headed off across the bay and down the channel - trying to avoid 'running aground' on the way there - just so we could 'run aground' properly, when we got there.


Penny & me positioned on the stern rail to see any mayhem ahead
'Animated Lookout Dog'
Well now, I know you're probably wondering - where are the photos of the actual grounding - and the 'in the water' stuff.    Sorry - but there aren't any - HA!   I was IN the water for most of the time - and not a single photo was taken by anyone - between the 'Penny & me before the swim' and 'Penny & me after the swim'.
This is Penny & me -  a f t e r  the swim - HA!
We ran the yachts aground - with their keels into the sand - but they were still floating OK - did some underwater stuff - and a couple of hours later - with the rising tide lifting us - we motored off - and safely all the way home - and Penny & me were resting at home - in the shade - on our cushions by 1.30 - but feeling a lot 'the worse for wear' - after a busy morning.