That's right - we're still waitin' for pictures from everyone
we're long on promises - and short on photos
and if we were holding our breath waiting - we'd be long ago collapsed and gone.
(although - as I type - an email has just dropped in from Michelle in Bathurst with some family snaps)
But I suppose one day - they'll all arrive in an an avalanche of emails at once
and then we'll have nothing to complain about.
So here is our latest offerings - of what's been going on here - there's been some brilliant skies - as always - which I'll send along soon - and you've seen some of the new photo letters I've been doing - with more of those to come too.
Penny and I have been doing our usual trips about - and keeping up on what's happening around us.   Going ashore rarely - but each time - it's an adventure for Penny - and she's really used to the routine and the system of our docking and tying up.
There's nearly always someone working on the dock or barges and today it was friend Graham, who looked after Penny while I was in Hospital - there to greet her and say hello.
This was the other day that we visited Bill and the Pelican - you saw last time -
and having done our shopping - we return to the dock and load up and head back out.
But not before a chat with Bruce, and look at the little tugboat - that they have working again
it looks like a toy one - out of a storybook.
And so then - we head off back out to the yacht
Penny usually sits on my knee - as we go along - but as we get further out - she knows
that we are approaching the yacht - and going home - and she gets ready.
She goes up the front - and is constantly looking at me - and at the yacht, as we get closer.
And as we pull up to the back of the yacht - she excitedly runs to the front of the runabout
waiting for me to pick her up - and put her on the back of the yacht
where she runs up the steps - and hurries forward then back up into the cockpit.
to sit on the cushions in the warmth and safety of the screened enclosure
and watch me unloading and carrying the bags aboard.
Looks like Laurie's coming over for a visit.
So Laurie calls in for a 'cup of tea' and to give me all the news about his trip OS
in a few days.   As a matter of fact - in the 'here and now' - I've just had a phone call
from him from Thailand - and it was the clearest mobile call I've had in about 6 months.
He was calling from near Buriram - in North-East Thailand - out in the back blocks
it was 9am there - 12 noon here - and he was having breakfast at a food place.
Anyway - back here it's raining and grey today - and a good day to be doing this.
So we'll leave you with a bit of spectacular evening sky again - from the other night
and remind you to stay tuned for the next exciting episode . . .
So until next time
Sydney, Australia