I don't know Pinnochio - that nose seems to be getting longer to me - I think you do know what happened to our email.   Well even if it's been deleted - accidentally of course - (because who would go deleting our emails on purpose, Penny?) - they're all still on-line.   Jiminy Cricket only has to click on the buttons on the bottom of any email - to find them all.
We've had a few busy days - with a lot of running around - which we'll tell you all about soon - but we need to keep things in the proper order - and the photos - as we took them.   So first of course - we have an 'into the sun' panorama fromm the other morning.  Taken directly into the bright morning sun - the camera has to 'close down' and it makes everything seem much darker and more dramatic than the actual bright sunny morn it was.
It was a bit of a surprise the other afternoon - to hear Penny going mad - and barking her head off up on deck.   So naturally I went straight up as always to investigate - and what should I find but the yacht under veritable siege - by an assortment of seabirds - of all shapes and sizes - that had decided to all land in the water near the yacht.
And Penny really had her paws full - barking at them all - to tell them to clear off!!
There were big pelicans, seagulls, and even a few landbirds too - that joined the party.
I was saying to myself - it's like a scene from 'The Birds'
When what do I see through the screened front window of the yacht but . . . . . .
A pair of great big crows sitting on the railing of the yacht
and wasn't Penny going mad at them - and in all fairness - she did scare them away.
She really reckoned she earned her keep as the yacht protector that day
and came to me again and again for reward pats and rubs.
After having days of 'blow your head off' freezing cold winds - it's been nice to have a few super, calm warm winter days.   Penny has slept on her cushions in the warm closed in cockpit - and it's like a nice sunroom for her.&nnbsp;  But the nights have still been freezing cold - and for most we've been going to bed soon after 8pm - and for a few nights there - I even slept in a tracksuit and thick woollen Explorer socks - and still under about 5 blankets.
When we were out at Erskine Park - building the yacht - we were always connected to power - and could run the normal electric heaters, here in the saloon - and we even have a long bar heater mounted on the wall over the bed - which warmed us and the whole bedroom nicely.
But here on water - we would need to run the big 10 KVA diesel generator to provide enough power to run several 2.5 KW heaters - and so we haven't had them on at all.
You will remember how much Penny loves the big heater in winter
and used to always stretch out in front of it:
So when we stopped by the other day to talk to Bruno and Anne - on their yacht - where they live with a beautiful Jack Russell Terrier called 'Ariel' (but who barks too much - while Penny just sits quietly and well behaved) - and I commented about how freezing cold it was.   They said, that they use an LPG heater - for themselves and Ariel.
Well fortunately Penny didn't hear this conversation (because she's deaf) otherwise I'd have been lectured and nagged and blamed by her - until I went straight down the street and got one.   After all - why should barking, misbehaving Ariel have one - and the damn 'Queen of the Nile' not.
So - yesterday - with Penny in her usual spot on the back window shelf - overseeing everything - we went to the local big camping supplies outlet - which is only a couple of blocks away - and she witnessed me purchasing a new LPG Reflector Heater ($40) - that goes on a gas bottle - and according to the assistant - gives off a whopping 4,500 BTU's of heat (however much the hell that is??)   And should run for 150 years on one small bottle of gas - so that's pretty good.
Penny was duly pleased - I was back in the good books - and here's her report:
Penny knows exactly what 'heaters' are - and that this was for her.
Then there was just the one small matter of her jumper
which I hadn't seen since the move.
Well - it's better late than never.
And I don't want you all writing to me - telling me I shouldn't have the thing
sitting there perched on a book - waiting to fall over.
It's very heavy - and it's only on while we are right here.
And anyway - it's Penny's heater - it should be her responsibility.
Do you know - I've even got to turn it on - and light it for her.
Bye for now.
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Sydney, Australia