Isn't that just typical.
Here we are sending emails left and right - and up and down - around the world
and is it any wonder we don't hear back - when you're not even checking for them.
   for Rodney & Penny's new emails.
'How many Homers are we writing to Penny?' 
'That's exactly what I thought - because we're not getting very many letters.'
(And let me tell you - you don't want to get her started about this
remember what happened last time - when the subject came up
Click here for the Penny Message
we don't want to see that sort of performance again)
It would be best for all concerned if you just send her an email.
(as quickly as possible)
We've been experimenting again with taking long distance telephoto shots - using the binoculars - that's right - just holding the camera up against the eyepiece and taking the photo.   It's naturally a bit hit and miss - and it's very difficult to hold the large binoculars and the camera steady.   I've had to try and steady it against the railing or something - but it's all very tricky.
I got the idea from seeing a photo on the web while I was browsing around for something else - where someone had made a telephoto mount for an old 1/2 binocular.
And unbelievably - despite my unsteady platform - and just holding them together and snapping away - I have actually produced some extraordinary shots.   It's the same old story - if you take enough with the digital camera - you're bound to get a few good ones - and in the case of this haphazard - poor man's method - it's certainly true.
So the other day - late in the afternoon - I was sitting right here - and got an SMS message - that read 'Come outside - Johnno'.   Johnno is the young apprentice who has been giving me a hand now and then on his days off - with putting the plates around the hull.   So I went outside to have a look - and coming past the yacht was Col and Johnno - using the aluminium punt to tow a yellow yacht to a distant mooring - and young Johnno was steering the yacht.
It was an opportunity to try out the 'binocular method' of photo-shooting.
I took a few normal shots - and then some with just the camera zoom
and then sitting down and steadying myself - I braced the camera up to the binoculars
and here are the surprising results.
This is the scene taken using the camera normally - from my yacht
This shot was taken using only the 3X zoom of the camera itself. 
This next photo is in fact 2 shots I've combined into a small panorama
which were taken holding the camera up to the eyepiece of the 8x50 binoculars.
And this one is with camera at full 3x zoom - AND - against the binoculars - amazing!
Also - I found that using the camera zoom too - removes the black outside circle
because it is focusing up on the centre of the image.
This is again 2 shots - with the camera at about half zoom - against the binoculars.
Finally, this shot of the boat heading back to shore through the channel.
(And if you go back and look at the first one - you'll see just how far away they are from me
They would be at least another 100 metres past the yellow yacht in that picture)
Well I don't know about you - but I reckon that's just amazing - that you can take photos like that, holding the camera to the binoculars.   You need to be really steady with both - and also don't go forcing the digital camera's lens too hard - while binoculars are robust - digital cameras are fairly delicate instruments.   I may have to see if I can track down an old - or cheap - pair of binoculars - I can pull apart and mount up like the first photo off the Net.
Now this brings me to the final topic for today.
Our friend Laurie - another yachtie here in the bay.
Laurie goes ashore pretty regularly - and you'll recall that he's also 'The Anode Man' - who changes the zinc anodes in your hot water systems.   Well he leaves his trolley and 20L water container near the front gate each day - to collect on the way back.
Have a closer look at the notice he's written on the drum.
As if anyone needed to be told that . . .
Until next time.

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