Yeh - well good luck little Missy - cause there's been plenty a'tried afor
and we's still on the loose - and they's a'pushin up seaweed.
(that's sort of - crossover cowboy pirate talk - which means - you won't catch - us)

Well I've said it before - and I'll no doubt say it again - but my God - we've had some unbelievable colours in the sky these past nights.   You know we are dealing with the same sun here, that you've got - and you may recall - that we had about a million glorious sunsets - while we were out in paddock - so it's not just here.   It's happening everywhere.   And you know what?   I'm starting to suspect it's been going on for a while.
As I've told you before - I don't just hang around - camera poised waiting for the magical shot.   Most of the time I'm just sitting right here as night falls - and will see some colour building through the windows - and then just go upstairs and click click click around  - and there you have it.   Every now and then - I'll come back in - straightway transfer them all across to the computer in a few seconds - and while I'm here - I sometimes see more colour - will go back up on deck - and snap a few more.
That's the beauty isn't it - of the digital camera - you can take 50 shots just sweeping around - and the odds are good - that some wil be just right.   That might seem a lot - but it's not - because in doing the panoramas - it's nothing to take 10 or 12 - moving a little further around with each one - to get the whole vista.   And that's exactly what I've done here for you now.
I want to tell you that every one of these photos that will now follow - were taken just as I've described - of the one sunset - on the one evening - over the space of only about 10 minutes.   The extraordinary colours changing moment by moment - and from one horizon to the other - an array of completely different hues - I have done nothing to change the colours in any way.
A larger (but still much reduced) 2000 wide, optimized image
has been uploaded to thedogpaddler and is quite realistic, and well worth a look.
Click here to view the larger image.
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and then click on the 'expander'  icon that appears:
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Click here to view the larger image
Click here to view the larger image
And then just for fun - we have this special Penny mirrored sunset
And finally - an extraordinary image
combining18 photos - to create this view around 3/4 of the horizon
And for this one - you really must have a look at the much larger image
Click here to view the larger image
Well that just about brings us to the end of another day - and it'll soon be time to hit the sack - there's still a few photos to catch up on - of things happening around - like for example - the other day - when the Maritime Services Boat - was cruising about - which none of the yachties are keen to see.
It turned out to be just towing an old wreck of a yacht - loaded with junk all over the deck (no wait a minute that's us) to the nearby Police mooring - but who knows why.   I'll find out and let you know.
But anyway Penny (the Poser) - the ever vigilant - was right on to them.
Nothing get's by her.
(Unless she's asleep - when an elephant could walk by unnoticed)
Bye for now.

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