Erky's in a lot of trouble - but is it ever any different - it's always something with him nothing ever seems to go his way - and I'll bet there's a few of us that can relate to that.
As the saying goes - if it's not one thing it's another - and as we seem to be working our way all around the body - and not wishing to favour one extremity over another - our journey continues - uphill - from the smallest toe - then thankfully circling past remote, and long unexplored, jungle regions - to plunge the caverns of the heart we have arrived back at . . .  .
That's right - the teeth.   Oh no - not again.   Yes - again.
Another loose tooth.
It's slowly been getting looser and looser . . . . . . and looser.
Until it was looser-ing about all over the place - and even worse . . . . . . h-u-r-t-i-n-g.
Well to cut a long story short - which isn't like me - I had to go and see - 'you know who'.
It's a bit like Harry Potter - where you refer to him as 'He who must not be named'.
A trip to Caringbah - 3 anaesthetic needles in the gum - a pair of pliers
and $180 less in the pocket - and this is the result.
Well it was hardly a very pretty picture beforehand - but it's a worse sight now.
Now I know - that the last time this happened around New Year
when I had to get one of those front ones out - there was a 'wave of shock'
at the graphic depiction of 'private body parts' when I sent you photos of the still bloody tooth.
Well guess what??
It's not quite so bad and I've deliberately
made it smaller and less clear so that there's no fainting.
It was a good front tooth for about 56 years until it got yanked out.
About the only good fing to come out of it
is that we no longer have a loof toof - and my whifflling has improved.
Oh - and not to mention I have a nuffer ivory toof - to add to the necklash.
And let's not forget - of course there is the matter of . . . . .
Well we certainly do.
So according to law - I did the usual - and placed the tooth under my pillow
and waited - heart racing - (Oh oh - not again) - with expectable possumbillies.
Penny and I could hardly go to sleep - but as that's part of the 'fairy' deal - we did.
The following morning - we awoke expectaishisly
and immediately checked under the pillow for our no doubt large, tooth reward.
We found this:
Well if you ask me - the whole thing thuckth!
Bye for now.

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