Well - we must have been busy - because there's lot's of photos to catch up on - or maybe we weren't busy at all - I'm just not sure.   We could be like the man who said - 'I'm so busy - I don't know if I've found a rope - or lost a horse'.   Or we could just be losing the plot altogether.   But I'm not going to take a survey - because I know what the result will be - we're totally 'plotless'.
It's been a great weather week - swinging about out here - from near typhoons - to water so sheet flat, you'd think you could walk across to shore - well some of us anyway.   And as per usual we've had more than our fair share of glorious colour in the skies - how about this last Tuesday evening.
And I know after all this time some of you think that I enhance these images.
Well I do have to make some adjustments as the images get smaller and more compressed in order to try and keep the original colour and effect but really only to try and get it looking as it actually was.   Here are the original shots that loaded into the Panorama program - and as you can see these amazing colours were what the camera captured.
(these 7 images are over 12,000 pixels wide - and it's reduced to a final photo above, for you - only 900 wide)
As you probably know by now - Wednesday is the day that Penny and I go to Town
in our old red bomb car that they let us leave parked in the shipyard.
We do all our necessary running around - and try getting whatever we need for the week.
So that we don't have to come back and forth to shore every other day.
I have the bloodtests at the Medical Clinic - Penny waits in the car - in the shade - and then we go to the smaller shopping street at Gymea - on our way back - where amazingly - almost every week I'm able to park with my car boot - right at the front door.
Penny of course is left in charge of the car - and usually just sits quietly on the back window shelf - so as not to attract attention to herself - but - whenever I'm nearby - she will put on the most convincing performance - of defending the car - and warning off any and all - no matter how big - provided always that she's safe in the car - and I can see her act.
Here is Penny - the 'guard dog'
dangerously barking at a dog that could eat her for breakfast.
Thankfully for Penny (and she knows it) the dog's tied up - and the car is safely locked.
Sometimes we go to the huge supermarkets that are nearby - but for the last month or more - I've been going to this smaller IGA (Independent Grocers Association) Store right in the one main street of the Gymea suburb - which we pass on our way back down to Taren Point.   Maybe it reminds me a bit of Queen Street - back home at St Marys - being just the one long main street.
So then, it's load up the groceries - and back in the car for the drive home - or wherever next.
But it's not straight home today - because we're having VISITORS - Uncle Dick and Elsie - who you saw in the photos from his 80th birthday party recently - are coming down to right near here - to the the big Retirement Village - on the edge of our bay - Woolooware Shores.  They are attending a meeting of the combined Computer Clubs  - and we said we'd call in on our way backk - and check it out - and see when they were coming out to the yacht.
HOWEVER - on our way there - we just happened upon a certain place
that I thought - I should stop at - and bring to Penny's attention.
When I pointed at her and then the sign - I think she clearly got the message
that she needed to get her act together - a bit better - or else . . . . .

This Retirement Village is more like a huge resort really - and consists of quite a few large 3-4 sttorey Unit buildings - right on the edge of the bay - with all the best of facilities.
We found Dick & Elsie no problem - having lunch
and we had a bit of a walk around the nicely landscaped grounds.
This is Uncle Dick talking to the IT Manager for the Villages.
We arranged - for Penny and I - to go back to the yacht - and then come across in the runabout - to the Sailing Club near the bridge - and pick them up in about 2 hours.   So back in to the car - and off again - and we took the opportunity - while down that 'neck of the woods' to look around the area - of the foreshore - with a little drive about.
I stopped at a small reserve between houses - that was an access to the water - where Peter from the 'Woronora' Yacht - had been coming ashore to pick up friends - and he'd mentioned that he was friends with the adjoining local resident there.   So we called in to meet him.
Sure enough - when I called out over the side fence - he came out - I introduced myself - and he was a friendly bloke - who'd lived there for many years - and we struck up a good conversation.  He's already turned out to be quite a capable hand with the computer too - and has sent us a couple of emails - and will be getting this one.
Here is the different view from the reserve back out towards the yachts - probably not one of my best panoramas - because the shadows were strong - and the camera didn't like the contrast - and I've lightened them - so we might have to go back over at a different time of day.
From his postion there, Bill has a full and clear view of all the yachts - and ours is the closest to him - although some distance out in the middle.   However - as good a view as it is - he would not - have seen these amazing sunsets - that we have seen from out here - going down directly behind his house and the rise there.
So now we were running late - so we raced back home - jumped in the little boat - zoomed out to the yacht (at 3hp zooming speed) - and then zoom-d-d-d-d even more - right across the bay to the Sailing Club - where I found Uncle Dick, Elsie, and their good friend 'the Major'.
They did very well really - to board the runabout from the sloping dock ramp - and in no time we had them aboard - and under the watchful eye of an inquisitive local
we headed off out. 
It was a beautiful flat, calm day - and we motored smoothly across to the yacht - where Penny excitedly greeted them from deck - barking and wagging.   But it was decided that the step up from the 'moving' runabout to the stern of the yacht was a bit daunting
so we opted instead - to grab Penny
and go for a relaxing and smooth tour of the boats in the bay.
We had a good look around the old Navy Boat - all the yachts - new and old - ran across to shore - and checked out the small dock at the little Fishing Club - in front of the Retirement Village they'd been visiting - and then right back across the Bay
past the Bridge - to return them to the Dock
where again they all did very well - clambering out of the runabout.
So Uncle Dick waved us off - and Penny and I headed out alone again - for home.
We might have to finish this one up there even though there's still more to catch up on.
This email is getting a bit larger than our usual so we'll 'carry on' - in the next one.
Bye for now.
(I know it's silly - but sometimes I think cats are hiding on the boat and watching me)

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