Don't believe a word he says - we weren't even anywhere near there.
But we seem to have been just about everywhere else these last couple of days
certainly all round the anchorage - several times over - and of course
ashore for the weekly here, there, and everywhere.
Plus a visit from Graham the Mechanic in the afternoon to
sort out some fuel leaks on that Chinese Diesel generator and
then finally a good feed at the Bowling Club with the smorgasboard
and back home again jiggity jig about 730 for a well earned - early night.
It all started out - by  a simple detour on our way ashore to the Ex Navy boat
to see the owner Gerry - but there was no one aboard - so what
then followed was a stop by stop - talk by talk at several of
the 'so far not visited' yachts - enroute to shore.
Well once again we found some friendly - some reclusive - and it proved to be an interesting experience - and even moreso - as one of the 'hermits' - another '20 yearer' - Peter - a little hard to understand with his Czech accent - aboard his old ferro - within 10 minutes was offering me an outboard motor that he said he'd had for years but never used - because he rows everywhere and he said it wouldn't really fit on the small bathtub size homemade dinghy he's using.
Well I did my best to decline - as it seemed a bit generous really - having just met - but he kept insisting - and then went below and re-emerged with what appeared a pretty good white 2 hp Johnson Colt.   Again I refused to take it - and then tried to offer him some money for it - but again he just insisted he would never use it - and it was just taking up space.   He said he'd bought it - and it was working just fine - and it certainly looked OK to me.
I offered to buy something for him - but he wanted nothing - and finally I said 'what about some beer?' - and he agreed - that that would be good.   So I took the seemingly quite good (and probably worth a couple of hundred dollars) outboard - went straight back to my yacht and got a case of beer that had been sitting there untouched for about 2 months - and motored back over and gave it to him - and he seemed absolutely delighted.
Once I flushed the fuel tank today - and checked it over,
the little Johnson he gave me (below right) was running perfectly
and I took it for a good spin all around the yachts just to make sure.
A couple of 2HP outboards that are ideal for just running back and forth to shore.
These are both the exact same engine - just different brands.
I'm now using the 3.5 on the white runabout.
In the last couple of days - there have been more amazing sunsets and sunrises - but this time I've been experimenting and re-doing them in different ways - just to see what interesting images can be produced.
It really surprises me sometimes - the extraordinary colours that appear - often only for a minute or so - as the sunlight hits at just right the angle - glowing the horizon - and often 'setting fire' to parts of the sky - in brilliant oranges and reds - with no two ever the same.
There is no trick or talent - to taking these photos - all I do is point and click a few times - and I'm only using a cheap 4 megapixel camera I've had for years - It's really just a matter of 'seeing' it - and capturing the moment of climaxing colour that is presented.
I don't just hang around waiting for it to appear - and often I'm sitting right here
inside - and notice some colour in the sky through the shaded windows of the yacht.
Or if I come out in the morning and it's an interesting sky - I will go back
and grab the camera - and take a couple of shots
just to see how they turn out.
It's there for all of us to see - every day - from every backyard - this is mine.
Just painted a bit differently today.
Not bad eh? - almost good enough for the Art Gallery.
Now if only I could really paint like this with a brush and canvas.
So there is today's offering - painted panoramas
and what a pity you can't see them full size
but they're just far too big for the screen.
Well it's way past Penny's and my bedtime - and I don't know what we're still doing
sitting here when we've been going to bed at about 8 o'clock every night
recently until now.  I guess I just got caught up doing those
amazing painted images - and the time just flew away.
So - it's goodnight - until next time.
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