Better me on the Rat Poison - than Emile - so he reckons - but it doesn't look like he's missing too many meals - does it.   Isn't it funny that we end up taking the same stuff that we dispatched our arch nemesis - Mr Rat with - who moved aboard while we were building last year, and proceeded to destroy everything on the yacht he could lay his big teeth into.
It even looks the same . . . . . and I'm about to take some right now
but not all of this handful - or we would end up like the rat.
Even though it's the same colour - you'd like to think that the 'human' version is a bit purer - and plainly 'lb for lb' - by body weight - the Rat when he ate half these blocks must have consumed the equivalent of a thousand pills - so I don't suppose it's any wonder that we didn't see him again.
Just on that note - when I was talking to Kevin Blackwell the other day - after they'd finished cleaning up the last of the yacht building site - he said there were literally dozens of rats uncovered as they moved the last of the steel and blocks and scaffolding - they were amazed how many.   So I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky really that only one - was bold enough to come right up and aboard - and move in. (what's that scratching sound I can hear?)
And you can just take my word for it - that they are not all as jovial and friendly as Emile.

A large Police Boat was in the shipyard the other day - being prepared for shipping overseas.   Someone said it had been sold - and was going to England.  It came up out of the water - had the usual steel shipping cradle strapped under it - and was lowered back in - for it to go across to Port Botany and be loaded on a ship.   It was placed on a nearby mooring overnight.
The comment was made - 'just look what our State Government is doing - selling off one of our Police Boats'.   Well, I don't know the truth of it, or otherwise - and I went on-line searching but could find nothing about it.   So who can say if the government is doing right or wrong - but this big Police Boat looked in pretty good condition - and has definitely been shipped out - it was gone the next morning over to the Terminal.
That's the Cronulla Sharks Leagues Club and Ground in the background.
Back on board the yacht - it's a never ending round of responsibilities
for the most feared yachtdog in the Bay.
When not surveying her domain from the comfort of her cushions
and the safety of the closed cockpit screens
she sallies forth in quest of adventure from the cabin to the foredeck.
Apparently, according to Penny
one of the biggest threats to our peace and safety is 
low flying pelicans - sometimes in formation - going past the yacht.
You'll no doubt be surprised to learn - that we've had some calm days
as well as some windy ones - and there have been a few days and evenings
of reflected beauty across the bay.
And then only this evening we were once again presented with the glory of a setting sun.
This photo that you see here - has not been enhanced in any way
there was little I could do to improve it.
The colours are just as the camera captured them.
This is the current time aboard the yacht.
All Penny knows - as she watches me patiently from the sofa
is that it's dark outside - and getting colder
and time to get tucked up in a warm bed for the night.
Bye for now
(guess who just loves choc chip cookies)

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