I left the yacht at a reasonable time - but it was pretty much from that point on - that it started to go wrong.   A leisurely trip ashore in the runabout with the 2hp on - found 2 men standing on the dock at the shipyard - and old Peter asking if it was possible for me to give a fellow a lift back out to his yacht.
Well of course I'm fairly easy going with this sort of thing - only because I always reckon - there'll come a time, when it's me looking for the lift - and besides it's sort of a rule among yachties to help each other out.
The only minor problem was that his yacht was the furthest out and well past mine - and as we all know, that little 2 hp might be able to tow yachts - but it likes to get along at about the speed of a slow walk across a meadow of long grass.   So by the time I eventually got back to shore - having stopped at my yacht on the way through, to say hello & goodbye to Penny again (which was doubly confusing for her) - and picking up a fuel container - the schedule (a very loose description) was already about a 1/2 hour behind.
Another 20 minutes spent sitting, discussing the 'barge launch' with Ed Lewis - disappeared off the timetable as well.    The car boiling over (again) by Liverpool was worth at least another 20 minutes time debit - and hey - the day's just about half gone.

But - we eventually got to St Marys - and for the rest of the day - visited - until I was all visited out and arrived at Dick's birthday party that evening, only 1 1/4 hours late.
We called and saw Uncle Maurice and Aunty Daph.
And daughter Donna was there from Orange - with her daughter Kristen.

A visit to see Chris and Evelyn was on the cards
and we sat on his verandah catching up.

Around the next block - another drop in - to see Doris
and our favourite Witches Ida & Deb.
Doris has just had a nice new patio built on - and we sat and had a lovely chat.
Deb took this photo of us - and I blame her for making me look like a fat dwarf.
Particularly when I did such a good job with her photo.
So the day was flying by - and I was fast running out of daylight
and still more places to go.
I raced out to Blackwell's where I built the yacht these last 15 years - to pick up a big anchor that I'd left behind - hoping it had been re-welded.   Alas - it wasn't - and the boys had been doing some final clearing up of the site where the yacht had been - and as night fell - I found them around an open fire - enjoying a beer.
And so after a few minutes of 'catching up' and the 'heart report' - we loaded the 3 pieces of the giant Danforth style anchor into the boot of the car - with a good piece of the stem sticking out the back with a red flag tied on - and I raced off to get to Uncle Dick's 80th Birthday Party.
The anchor was not welded - and yesterday morning I went ashore - when I finally dragged myself on deck - and have arranged for someone here to weld it up for me in the next few days.   Because I think I may need it soon, if I have to move off this mooring.
Also - I got to the party at 6.10pm - when it started at 5 - and Elsie (Dick's wife) was ringing me  - because she wanted me to make the speech to him (as per usual every 10 years) - despite the fact that I keep pleading like John Wayne in The Alamo, that 'my speechifyin days' are long past.
I've been reading for a few weeks now the 3 volume set I have of 'The War Speeches of Sir Winston Churchill' - and they are marvellous - so they're just lucky I didn't implore them to keep on fighting the Nazi menace - and hold strong and true in the face of the aerial bombings.
But it all went very well.
I called back later, at Chris' place at 930pm talked - and loaded up some large stainless railing on the roof racks - had a safe and easy drive home - and left it all with the car parked in the shipyard - and came to the dinghy and motored out to the yacht - all went quite OK - and I arrived back here on board to Penny's excited relief - at 11.45pm.
I checked the emails about midnight - to find one from the schoolmates Phil & Bill - saying they wouldn't be coming until NEXT Saturday now - so I eventually got into bed at about 1pm.
Which is the latest night I've had in about 6 months at least.
I'm going to stop now - and I'll write again soon.
('I was frightened on my own - sometimes I think I hear cats - and I'm scared
because they can do terrible things to you')

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