New South Wales. AUSTRALIA
A TransPac 52 Yacht that had been shipped over from England and had been in Lewis Shipyard being prepared - was launched yesterday in a most unusual way.
No doubt because of it's design - with a very deep keel and bulb - it could not be put in with the TravelLift crane at the dock - and so we witnessed the following amazing scene out here in the bay - yesterday afternoon.
All of the photos were taken sitting on the back steps of my yacht - and a lot were 'zoomed up' - where you can often be ruined by the slightest movement - and luckily most came out OK.
As per usual they have all been reduced in size and quality from the huge original resolution - particularly those big panoramas - for this email and compressed to the smaallest Kb size - and still be good for screen viewing.

Quite incredible - and as you can see despite some obvious concern with lift balance - not to mention the overall problem of doing it from 2 moving, floating barges anyway - it eventually was a complete success.    The conditions were ideal - which was one of the reasons they pressed on - rather than try it again - (and as it's turned out - today has been quite windy and vigorous on the bay).
It took right up until dark to get the yacht up and down safely into the water - and then they carried on in the dark and lifted and installed the mast too.
When I came out this morning at 7am - the yacht was gone - and so was the crane.   When I went ashore I found out that it had left first thing this morning to go up to Sydney Harbour - where it will be based.    I don't know anything about it - and when I asked one of the people associated with it a while ago - he did not name the yacht - and simply said it was a TransPac 52.   But clearly it's going to be seen around - and probably in the next Sydney to Hobart, I suppose.
When I got to shore at about 9am to go for some more tests - and do some running around - the big crane from Botany Cranes was no where to be seen - and had already been off-loaded and gone.   So you'd have to say it all appeared to go pretty well.
The fascinating little end to today's tale - is that when I got up to the Medical Centre for the blood tests again - and was on the table for the nurse to take some blood - (she knows me from a couple of visits now) - she said - 'Did you see the yacht being launched from where you were?'   And she then told me that her husband Greg was the mastermind - Head Crane Driver from Botany Cranes - who had given the advice and final go ahead by phone from the dock - for the lift to proceed successfully.
So isn't that another amazing coincidence - and sometime tonight I will send her (via her son) a copy of this email and the photos.
Until next time.

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