It was a fine sunny day - the water was flat - and the tide was out
so Penny and I decided to go across to the sandbar on the point and explore around.
We met some rather unusual locals on our little expedition.
We left the dinghy anchored in the shallows at the end of the spit and started walking.
It was quite a distance along the exposed sandbar - which is normally covered with water.
You could see Port Botany and the Airport way off in the distance.
Penny of course has to sniff and investigate everything along the way.
And it wasn't long before we walked in to a mass of locals all busy on their way somewhere.
The thousands of little crabs running all around her didn't seem to bother her at all.
Penny did her best to try and sort them out - but it did no good.
And of course as usual - as soon as the camera was pointed at her
she had to pose for a photo - and it turned out to be one of the best of the day.

On our way back along the sandbar - we met a local fisherman - in an unusual Hobie Kayak.
He was really set up - and had all the gear.
And he was able to pedal propel the kayak too - by an unusual 'flipper drive'
which he took out of the kayak to show us.
I thought it was really interesting - and this animation from the Hobie site
shows just how it works.

And so we came to the end of our adventure
and Penny relaxed in the sun - after the long walk - as we headed home to the yacht.
We've had a busy Sunday - working here on the yacht today.   I've got the help of the young 18 yr old apprentice Johnno - from the yard - who has agreed to help me put the plates on - on his days off - to earn some extra money.   It's the only way - I'm going to get it done - and today we got 2 plates done - which was pretty good going.   It's really good to at last to be making some progress again with this important job.   And I'm feeling much better - and more energetic to get on with it now - even if it is going to end up costing a fair bit - it'll be worth it to have the job finished - and the yacht completely seaworthy.
It's been fairly quiet on the email front - and we've had very few letters - these past couple of days - maybe everyone has a lot going on right now - but it's always nice to hear back.
So until our next big adventure - or even our little adventures
because for Penny - the whole of life is just one big game
we'll say goodbye - and we'll write again soon.






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