Well don't ask me to explain it - you hire a boat - you row about
then your times up - that's it.
I was nearly going to have the dock lady shouting 'Your time's up - Get out!' which seems just as appropriate to our situation.   We're still here - and jokingly saying - we may 'winter over', here at the dock - and leave next summer.    I can't see that happening - but right now we're not going anywhere - because the high tides are about the lowest in a long while and have been barely up to 1.2m - when we really need just about 2 m (of extra water here) - to be floating freely about - clear of the muddy bottom (with our 9'6" draft).
Lately, we've had the crab trap over the back - on and off a couple of times - but just keep losing bait - and no crabs.   Laurie dropped one off here the other day - before he flew out to Thailand for a holiday.
And everyone keeps telling me that there's some really big ones around this area.
I'm sure they're around - but despite our best efforts - we haven't sighted a single crab yet.
A few litle jobs going on around the dock and yard - what with a water pipe broken undergrounnd - and a river running across the shipyard - it was a good thing everyone had boats - but some digging and a pipe strap sorted that out.   And then as the barge was about to leave with a load of building materials to deliver up the Bay - a minor problem of a broken outboard rope - turned into an 'Irish Technical Committee' - with 6 people overseeing the pull cord repair.
Don't think it a joke - those outboard puller springs can be very tricky - if they fly off.
As I said  - 'young Laurie' - has soared off to enjoy the delights of Thailand for a few weeks - and yesterday his good mate Cyril dropped in to the yacht
following a 'small brain operation'.
I snapped a couple of photos - to send one off to Laurie.
If he's not too tired to read them.
Isn't it funny how sometimes you just seem to capture the exact moment that says it all.
'Hope you're havin a good time Laurie.'

And so that you don't think we spend all our time just laying around here
and doing nothing - here's a couple of 'action shots' - taken yesterday.
Which brings us at last to the extraordinary sunset - we had last night.
People around here have said - 'I didn't know we had sunsets like that.'
Well - of course the fact is that everyone has occasional beautiful sunsets
and everywhere - even if you live on another planet.
And then people say - 'Oh you must have a really good camera.'
Well - I've told you before - that's it's just the original Sony
I bought at Big W - 2 years ago for about $300 - and it's only 4 megapixels.
(I really wish I could afford a super duper new 10 megapixel one
and if anyone would like to donate one here - then step right up)
These panoramic images are amazing at full original huge resolution
but as always - have been dramatically reduced in size and quality for this email.
Colours like this as the sun sets last only a few moments
and you just have to be there when you see the colour building and start snapping
because the next minute it will be changed and gone - as the sunlight's angle alters.

Well I hope you have enjoyed all those - as I've enjoyed taking and doing them.
Who knows what may appear in front of the old camera next.
kind regards
Rodney            and Penny

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