You know me - and photos - and emails - no matter what - we've got to take some photos - or else what would we have to write about to you.   So as usual - I somehow got the camera brought to me as well - and we DID take a few shots in the hospital.   But if I'd had my way - I would have taken it to the Operating Room too - and been snapping a few shots of those nurses, and arteries, and the torture device.
On one evening early on - they did an ultra-sound imaging test of my heart - which was quite amazing to see.   It's just the same as they do an ultra-sound on pregnant women to see the baby.   They rub the gel on you and then move the ultrasound slowly around your chest - and then the image of the heart - and incredibly - the internal valves appears on the screen in black and white - as clear as can be.   Just like this photo I've found.
there on the right is an opening and closing valve pumping blood
and you even hear the clear sound of the pumping action.
I actually asked the doctor doing it - in what format the data was stored on the computer - as he was recording it - because he was capturing and saving sections of the filming.   He told me they were just in AVI video format - which meant that it was a standard computer format - that I could have sent out with an email.   I asked him if there was any chance I could get a copy of some of the AVI files - and he said - he would 'see what he could do' - but I never heard again - and forgot to ask.   But wouldn't that be amazing.
So the next best - is - that I've located a Flash video - explaining it
and showing exactly as I saw it
even with the coloured flashes of flow - just as in this demo video.
I have uploaded it to the following page at thedogpaddler.
The page is 578 Kb - and took about 10 - 15 seconds to load for me.
It's really a fascinating little video - but of course the difference is that when I was looking at mine - it was pumping about 2-3 times faster than that one - and seemed to be playing some kind of improv jazz rhythm - sort of - miss one - skip two - change partners, spin around 3 times(maybe that's why I've always disliked the 'make it up as you go along' style of jazz).   Yes, I think the heart in that video - is how we'd like things to be.
So here are just the few photos that were taken in the hospital.
Rose and Ron were visiting right at the time they were doing some tests
and I was all wired up - with sensors.
And I think we'll all agree it's not my best look
but it's real life - not 'Days of Our Lives' - so here you go.
Starting to look a bit 'Grizzly Adams' - with a haircut and trim long overdue.
And then a day or so later while Laurie and Doug were visiting
and I was using the computer
So now we jump ahead to this morning - Saturday - and our first day back aboard.
It's been pretty windy and choppy across the bay all day
with a good Sou-easterly coming in.
So we've had the cockpit closed to the strong winds for the whole day.
And it's still quite vigorous outside now - and cold too.
But the morning light revealed a far more serious problem aboard the yacht
which I will leave to Penny to tell you about.
Taken a few days back.
And it was the warm one too - that she had been 'nesting' in for a long time.
And I haven't told her, that I think - while the other side of the cockpit was open for a few days, some strong winds have come along and blown it down - off the side where it was - and once onto the side deck - another strong wind has blown it off the yacht.
She just blames me anyway.
But don't worry - I'll see what I can do to make her another one like it
so that she's got two again - that she can get on top of - to see everything
and in between to be comfortable and warm.
All is OK here
and it's getting pretty late
so we'll say goodnight till next time

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