After what will be 3 1/2 months since the yacht was launched here - on the 22nd November - we are finally about to leave the dock - and head out for our first motor around the Bay.
As you know we've been quite happy to stay put - doing very little really - and enjoying the mere fact of being afloat - (after all these years of yachtbuilding and cutting) - and the pleasant dockside life.   The permanent power lead from the boatyard to the yacht - has been the biggest factor in remaining - and to be able to operate everything on board just as you do at home - has been the biggest reason we're still sitting here.
It is effectively just like being at a serviced marina - at no additional charge - for all this time - so naturally we've been in no hurry to go - until they said it was time.    There's no doubt we should have been doing a lot more welding, grinding, and boatbuilding - and whatever else - while we here - particularly I suppose - getting those plates all around the hull too - but it wasn't to be.
It really makes no difference to the job of putting on the plates - whether we are here - tied to the dock - or out on a mooring.   Provided the day is calm - it's still a matter of doing it all from the dinghy in the water - at the side of the yacht - positioning and bonding up - plates and bolts - and someone doing up nuts inside.   So - one way or another - it will be done -- here or there.

The reason we're moving out at around 7.30am on Saturday - has all to do with tides - the mooring being available to use for a while - and the yard wanting to bring other ships in here.
The high tide on Saturday morning - will peak at 8.30 am at 1.72m - which is still not the 1.8 - 2m - we would like to have - but is the highest for another 3 weeks.   That additional water should be enough to see our nearly 10' (3m) underwater draft - floating free of the muddy bottom right here - where you've seen us sitting at low tide.
But even if we are still dragging a foot or so of keel in the mud here - initially - we should still be able to get out OK.   Anyway - Cliff tells me that he will tow the yacht out - rather than try and turn it's 75' around by hand in this narrowest part of the channel, at the dock.
Once we are out - and in full floating depth - I intend to take the yacht for a good motoring run for several miles up Botany Bay and back - just to see that the engine and drive systems are all operating properly.    The yacht engine has never been run under full operating load for any period - in it's life with me - and has only ever had numerous test runs on land over the years - and here in the one spot.
While everything appears fine - and the yacht certainly moves forward and back - as the gearbox is engaged and the propellor turns.   We certainly need to see what happens - when motoring around under normal operating conditions.
And as I intend to frquently 'drop the mooring' and take the yacht for a run somewhere
for a dive - or a fish - or just a sightseeing trip with friends
then we certainly need to have the motor, 'fully operational'.

So - from Saturday morning on - THIS is where the yacht will be
So - if you're coming for a visit in future - you will need to let me know
then call me - so that I can come in and pick you up - in the runabout.

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