Well I don't know about you - but I really like this banner I've done today - it took a fair while - particularly the Penny portrait - but I really think it's one of the best - so I hope you can take a moment to have a good look and enjoy it.
What an Easter long weekend just gone - we had all 4 seasons I think - one minute it was blowing a gale with cold wind and beating rain - then next thing it was clear and sunny and fine boating across the bay - only to have us battening down the hatches the next day again.
Steve & Jason from Wattunga - out where I built the yacht all the years - were coming down on Friday - but rang and cancelled when the rain set in - they re-arranged for Monday - only to find the day started out pretty miserable again - and we were all closed up - on board.

How come all of a sudden - everyones seems to think that I should be doing some more exercise - and losing a bit of weight - I 've had it from various sources - (clearly all shining examples of physical fitness themselves) - that I need to 'get fit' AGAIN.   Not that you can really argue.   So yesterday I drove past a gym.
But seriously - what should occur except Doug - not only immediately offer to lend me the use of his bike - but to up the ante even further - by bringing it around for me first thing the next day.
You see - we just happen to have an excellent concrete bicycle track going right past our front door and all around the Botany Bay foreshore - so much so that - particularly on weekends there are many hundreds of recreational cyclists and families - out and about - many heading off from right out our front gate for the scenic ride.    The long painted lines marking the route - run straight down the footpath outside.
So what choice did I have - but to step onboard - and take it for a spin - and about '50 miles' later - having ridden just about from here to Brisbane I think - we eventually put it back in Doug's shed in the shipyard next door - with me promising to 'walk around' to use it regularly.
Thank God for all that rain and storms - these last few days - eh.
I should point out though - that the Australian Institute of Sport - in Canberra - has been advised of my 'return' - and there are serious rumours already that the Olympic Cycling Team for Behjing is being re-arranged to make room.
But who can deny
that we should all be doing a bit more exercise - cycling - walkiing or whatever
(I think you can probably forget the marathon running just for now)
Sunday - as things turned out - was a beautiful day - (there's the luck of the draw) - and youu couldn't have asked for a nicer day on the Bay - when John Meyn brought down my other speedboat - the 'old Pride runabout'.    Again - we launched it over in Kogarah Bay - because there are no boat ramps really close to where we are.   And he then motored it over the few kilometres - and under the Captain Cook Bridge (in the photo) - all the way to the yacht.    Where I've been using it since.
As you can see - it's an old boat - but that Johnson 25hp that I got at an auction years ago, and had fixed up - is like new - and in all it's years has never done many hours.
I sewed the storm covers and the folding bimini shade cover myself - and provided you don't inspect the amateur stitching, too close - they look pretty good.
Well they certainly do the job - anyway.
And what about those 'Club' seats I got out at the Bartertown Tip - and bolted on to new stainless steel supports I made - the big one holds me perfectly - and Penny likes it too.
I even sewed and fitted the red & white vinyl pads all round.
Not to mention building that big trailer all by myself as well
(which was for that old Harbour Putt Putt - remember - that ended up going to the tip)
Notice how this place is starting to look a bit like the
'Rodney & Penny Boat Harbour'
But that red runabout - really does plane along nicely - with 2 people (+ gear + dog) on board.   I also made a super duper - big stainless boarding ladder/platform you can see, sitting in front of the motor that just mounts straight into those special big brackets on this side.   It hangs down to below the surface - so that even with full scuba gear on - you can swim right up and sit on the flat platform effortlessly - take off all your stuff - and toss it into the boat then just step straight in.   We've even dived out of it - in a rolling swell - in the open sea - with no problem.
So now we've got the faster boat here - we may soon take a run around to the entrance to Botany Bay - where we can have a swim - and picnic - and you know important that has to be - in the list of things to do.  Well it's probably high on Penny's list - I'll bet.   She just loves a day out - and some grass to sniff about on - and a good dogpaddler adventure.
OK - I'll see you later - I've got to go for another 150 mile bike ride - before breakfast - HA!
We haven't got a basket for Penny to ride in - so she may just have to run beside - until her little legs are worn off to the knees.
Bye for now
  ('Don't make me run 150 miles')

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