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Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2007 9:18 PM
Subject: Sunken Yacht salvaged - sealing the cut line - boats in and out

A month or so ago  - a 45' Ferro-cement yacht  was sunk at it's mooring in Kogarah Bay due to faulty skin fittings - and apparently despite the owner's effortss it could not be raised - (he clearly did not know of my expertise in raising sunken yachts using air filled truck tubes - while in Truk Lagoon) - and the MSB engaged Lewis Shipyard to salvage it and clear the hazard - as it was sitting on the bottom with it's mast out of the water.
That was the photo I sent you yesterday of the salvage barge loaded with a crane leaving
and here is the result today.
It is still alongside with pumps going on deck continually - to keep it afloat.

I have been sealing up the cut line all day - and it's slow going - as you have to hang on close to the yacht to work - and I am taping over it all as I go.   I can't put any of the plates on permanently - until I have someone on the inside - and I am weatherproofing the cut and holes until it's finally done.   There are wall plates on - inside to make sure the sections are well locked together - and nothing is moving.   Also here and there a couple of steel spacer strips are protruding from the cut line - having moved slightly as the top came downn - and they will need to be cut off before a plate can go in that spot.
All day long - there have been - big luxury 50' cruisers arriving - having been delivered down by sea from the Gold Coast factory.   They are lifted out here and loaded onto transport cradles on trucks - for the showroom/dealer.   I have had to move out of the way with my dory from beside the yacht to let them get into the Travel Lift dock.
The next few days will be spent continuing to seal up the cut line and holes - and other jobs inside.   If it's raining then I will do things inside the yacht.   I will probably stay tied here until next
Monday or Tuesday - when the yacht will be moved out to a mooring in the Bay.
Any visitors after that - will have to give me a call - so I can run ashore with the speedboat and pick them up - as we will be a few hundred yards out - in deeper water - where we will carry on with the repairs for at least another month or so.
Bye for now
Rodney & Penny



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