These are things
that I hate

It might look innocent, but its not.
Cats (and birds), must stay away.

Going out in the rain with anyone, anytime.
Its strange, because I love a bath or a swim,
but just hate raindrops.

Being dragged around on the lead by little
children until I’m choked and tired.   I have to
beg Rodney to save me.

Bees, flies, mosquitoes, any insects really.
Sometimes when one flies on board, I watch it
for ages, but can’t catch it.

Birds!   Birds!   Birds!   I hate birds!
Its my job on board to chase away all birds.
We’re 30 miles inland from the ocean and I
don’t want to imagine, when we’ve got seagulls.
It’s a full-time job now

I think I saw one of these the other day
It was horrible.
(or maybe I just dreamed it up while I was

Getting called ‘shark bait’ when I’m
dog paddling.   It’s not funny

When someone won’t give me back my rabbit.
(well, maybe I don’t really hate it, because I do
enjoy playing tug-o-war to get it back).
Rodney 2006

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