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These photographs were taken on a special visit to the coach

on the 14th December 2006

and are displayed here for you with the kind permission of Jim Frecklington

Copyright  Rodney Field 2006 -

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Last Thursday, I had the privilege to be taken by an old friend Les Baker (Norglass Laboratories - we go back to the first yacht) to see the Royal Coach that is nearing completion.

Les, apart from being the friend/consultant on all matters paint/varnish&resin to the project - has also had his brother, a jewellery designer in NZ involved in the design and creation of the amazing coach handles, you will see in the photos - that are encrusted with 100's of jewels.

It is an extraordinary project and the treasure Jim Frecklington has created with this coach - is something priceless and unique.

The photos, will captivate you and do not do justice to the perfection of the work - every part of the coach is an irreplaceable work of art and history. It truly is a State Coach for Her Majesty the Queen.

The project is housed at the Army's North Head Artillery School - and is therefore thankfully under their care and protection. I can only say it was a remarkable and special day - to be afforded this private visit, and to meet and talk with Jim, & timber craftsman Mike, and to feel the passion and dedication they have for the coach and their craft.

We talk easily sometime of people being 'national treasures' - but I will say simply that there are very few people in this land, who could come close to creating what Jim and his loyal artisans have made with their hands, and their hearts.

It makes me a very proud Australian to simply stand back and admire and respect them - and to stare in awe at this most wonderful and beautiful coach.

It will be very soon presented to the National Parliament - perhaps even on Australia Day - and it will then go on exhibition for a time, before it is presented to Her Majesty.

I hope you you enjoy these few photos of the 'Royal Coach'.