This is cousin Donna's new little dog that she lovingly calls 'Beau' - but Penny and I have decided to call him 'Vito Corleone' instead.   He's just a Pug - and he always will be - HA!   He looks like a pug, he acts like a pug, he's all pug. (and a fat little floor slider too)
You can't fool Penny - she knew he was trouble from the moment she laid eyes on his ugly, squashed-face dial (he looks like he ran into a wall too fast and it never came back) and she didn't want him anywhere around her.
He's barely out of diapers, and he's already bigger than her - and 'puppy' fatter too.
Well, eventually little 'Vito Corleone' gave up on Penny and left her in peace.   After all, there were lots of other things to mess up, chew up, run around, slide past, and slobber on.   In the end though, the wild life catches up on everyone and we all need to take time out - so when enough is too's dreamtime..........
'Here's a portrait Vito'
(get someone to pull your nose back out)