I know that someone said there would be no deviations from the 'official plan' for the shopping expedition - but that was just blown away in the strong wind.   As to how we ended up over at Kurnell - 'the birthplace of Australia' - (you're not allowed to say 'Kurnell' without you also say 'the birthplace of Australia' - I think that's law - HA! HA!) is just one of those odd things Penny & I do sometimes.
We just turned right instead of left - cruising effortlessly in the comfort and airconditioning of the new car - and then lo & behold we were on the way out along the peninsula towards Kurnell (the birthplace of Australia) - for no reason than to take a leisurely 5 km drive around the water's edge at Kurnell (the birthplace of Australia) before going home.
It's called the 'birthplace of Australia' because that's where Captain Cook first stepped ashore - well, so the story goes.   There's no photos to prove it, but someone made notes.
So that's how we came to be on the northern beach of Kurnell (the birthplace of Australia) and saw these kite surfers taking advantage of the strong 25-30 knot northerly blowing in.   Which by the way - just about guarantees that we will get drenched on the way home in the dinghy.   But here's the photos - and they are pretty spectacular to see in action.
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This shot has been partly painted for the effect.
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There is a Part 2 to this day before we eventually got back home
so perhaps tomorrow we will send the rest  of the story.
This is what I will call a near perfect, 'stop-frame' panorama
5 images merged to create a panoramic view
but with the kite surfer in a different
position in each photo.
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it's quite an amazing scene