Well, we're not  r e a l l y  jumping up and down on the beach - and we don't really wish everyone was here - but it IS summer and for the most part the weather has been surprisingly mild - even if unusually volatile and mixed up.   Could be a sign do you think?   Does the weather all over the place seem a bit wilder and unstable to you than usual?   As for me - well, I blame everything on 'Demon UFOs' since I read that book that Bill lent me recently - and - Penny of course.  
All I know - is that right here - it hasn't really been a typical Aussie hot summer - and we've been having lots of storms and different weather happening every other day.   I suppose - apart from the terrible flooding up north in Queensland - we should be grateful down here that we haven't had the 'usual' summer hot/dry bushfire weather.
Just look at these photos - all taken in the last 6 hours.
This was the scene at 7 am this morning.
This was the view at 10 am.
What a beautiful day eh?
just click here to have a look at the big picture
And this was the same scene towards the bridge at about 1 pm
hardly seems like the one day does it?
Take my word for it - all those pictures were taken in the last 6 hours.
And here are a some shots from the other day.
Brian scraping his boat in the early hours taken with the zoom.
After another storm.
That inflatable from the ferry only has one speed
full throttle everywhere.
There have been a few hot spells
between the storms and 'southerly busters'
but we have mostly had afternoon cooling seabreezes on the bay.
This is a panorama shot looking towards Shell Point
please click here to view the larger image.
On the hotter days - Penny & I
like to stretch out in the shade of the cockpit
read a newspaper, or a book - and of course - keep a lookout
for those 'Demon UFO's' - but we never see any.
And when we're 'resting in the shade' - we don't like to be disturbed.
So that's our Summer so far
sunny - then rain - then sunny - then rain.
Oh well - it could be a lot worse
(don't ever tempt 'worse')
Bye till next time.