It's always a big trip ashore for the terrible twosome
when they go shopping for their weekly supplies
but sometimes they end up with more than
was on the list - and bring home things
So we shall start with what we
As you all know, an important thing on the list this week
was to buy a new egg slicer to replace the one
that broke after a mere 27 years use.
This is the egg slicer that broke
and I attempted to fix.
As I told you before I believe that this slicer may have cost
the extraordinary amount of about one dollar.
I had no trouble buying a new one.
But in 27 years the price
had leapt to a
h u g e
While we were ashore - we also went to the local OfficeWorks store
and bought another external Hard Drive - to try and keep up
with all our ceaseless and excessive pirating
I mean personal information archiving
of important data stuff
off the net.

This drive was on special for only $76 and is 1.5TB which, as everyone would know
is a whopping tetrahillion kazillion squillion megabytes..................or heaps.
Believe it or not, it's enough to hold 2000 full AVI video movies.
Who would be stupid enough to download that many.
I am NOT - I haven't even got half that.

Also, you may observe in the photo
that we have our internet wireless antenna
positioned strategically atop 4 empty DVD containers
PLUS a small box of Original Turkish Delight Assorted Fruits
this position is in accordance with standard pirate positioning practice
(don't ask me to explain - the code forbids me divulging secrets like this
I shouldn't even be showing you the picture). If internet reception
becomes lost or fuzzy, you need to eat a piece
of sugar frosted Turkish Delight
in order to re-connect.
Well it's not every day
that we find things
b  u  t  today
we just happened to be driving along
a busy 6 lane road, and slowed to stop at some lights
when what should appear on the roadway right outside my window
but a new small wrapped package of what appeared to be paper serviettes.
Well a dollar is a dollar, in anyone's pocket, and that's just about my
charge for opening the driver's door and picking something
up off the roadway - - like the good citizen I am.
And as you can see it turned out to be a new pack of 'industrial superwipes'
But our day wasn't over by a long way - and it wasn't long before
we added to our 'collection' with more free items that were
From Wendy we received
- a bottle of Satay Sauce - one of several she'd bought
- V8 Vegetable juice which I have every morning
(but which she and Bill didn't like)
- and a Pepper Mill grinder as I said I'd looked for one
because I don't like the plastic one I have
so we did quite well in adding
to our haul of stuff.
And then, before we left we were also given a pack of 10 cans of soft drink
from our friend Charlie who apparently likes his drinks more 'sugary'.
Well that suits us fine because it's quite 'sugary' enough for us.
So that's the ordinary tale of what we bought, found, and were given
when we went ashore shopping the other day.
We did pretty good - didn't we?
We also got some cooked prawns that were on special
at the supermarket - and I have explained
the timeline in simple terms below
so you can follow it easy
All our recent emails