Penny's a 'shiverer'.
It's a fine line between panting and shivering for her
often it can be only one degree difference
and she's like a mobile phone set to
v   i   b   r   a   t   e .
And when we sat in the backyard
at Bill & Wendy's, on a cold
and windy, winter's day
Wendy 'smothered'
her in warmth.
But as soon as
she sees that camera lens
w e l l  you know the rest - it's posing time.
(please click each image to see a larger high quality version)
We sat outside in the backyard because
I still have the remnants of my cold and refused
to go into the house breathing germs around the place
so we braved the icy cold wind, and bundled Penny up tight.
She's not really spoiled - just easily 'packaged and wrapped'.

Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment of the story

until then - it's bye for now
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