Well, I suppose she's not - r e a l l y - in fact
she's always a good guest, very well
behaved, and rarely needing
to be  m u z z l e d.
Penny is so small and quiet all the time
it's probably not really fair for me
to sometimes tell strangers
she's a wild, vicious
Fraser Island
d i n g o
She always finds the softest spot to sit (she's no fool) and likes the cushions on Bill & Wendy's sofa.   She's really only wearing the dog lead because we are about to leave.   The small neck choker is because we can take no chances at all, about her ever running free, as she's deaf, and can't be called, and living as we do all these years on a boat, she has no road sense and would just run straight out on to a busy road.

For the whole of her 11 years she has always had the small choker lead, and in fact walks very well and intelligently beside you.  Purposefully knowing where she's going and sniffing every new scent like a bloodhound along the way.

There are always lots of birds at shore
and Bill feeds the magpies from
his back door as they come
close to get the food.
click for larger
This day there were large flocks of seabirds in the shallows in front
and they immediately took flight when I came out on the lawn.
It's an odd collection of photos today made odder by the addition
of this shot of MG's new super shiny 'dollars' belt buckle.
He has a diverse assortment and took some pride
in explaining how the man in the shop had
wanted $25 for it, but he was able
to haggle the price down to
a bargain $12.50.
Now you have
to admit that it's one
of the biggest and shiniest
belt buckles you've ever seen.
(and what about that intricate needlework he's done on those belt loops - HA!)
Well that's us for today so
we'll say bye until
next time