The carpark was dark and it was hard to pick.
I almost took this one by mistake.
I knew it wasn't mine really
because there was
no dog on the
back shelf.
And of course you can see MG in the background packing
his stuff into the correct car parked nearby.
For those who don't know - this flash looking machine which was
parked right beside us when we returned, is a
2011 Aston Martin DBS worth
The favoured automobile of James Bond.
Even the low numbered NSW plate is worth heaps
I searched and can only estimate it's value
at perhaps more than $20,000.
(plus rego, insurance, and on-road costs - HA!)
Anyway, the supercar was being driven by an attractive
and friendly woman, who had trouble fitting
her average shopping into the
confined boot (trunk).
and then she was off - with the 12cyl engine making
a distinctive high performance note which
echoed in the underground carpark.
wallpaper 1                                                              wallpaper 2 
It was certainly a nice car - but then
it costs about $490,000 more than mine.
And besides, most of my 'James Bond' days are behind me - HA! HA!
but anyway, you know Penny, she doesn't car
how much the car is worth, provided it's got a rear shelf for her