We were very pleased to receive a letter from you today Charlie, and it will certainly be an even busier week for you than usual - with the dialysis at the hospital 3 days a week - PLUS the big interstate 'State of Origin' football game on this Wednesday.   For a keen football follower like you - it must be an exciting time of the year

I see that 'swearing Tommy' has been revving up the NSW boys to get a bit of the old fire going - and trying to get the players more on a 'war' footing like the old days.

You have been a little quiet on your blog for a few days, but then I have no doubt you've been kept busy with footie scores and stories.

We've had a few beautiful days on the bay, just as you commented, and in fact it's been so warm and nice up in the cockpit I have been falling asleep in the sun for the last couple of afternoons.   But the nights have been making up for it - as they get colder - and we've had the gas heater going every night lately.

It is all very well for Wendy to comment on your emailing - but I must compliment you on the excellent formatting and grammar of your letters.   She could take a lesson - HA! HA!
Watch out for Huckleberry Hound.
Until next time.