This is Penny's famous 'vigilant' pose
which is reminiscent of her well known 'alert' pose
and should not be confused with her 'poised for action' pose.
All can have subtle variations, such as the raised foot special effect.
Looking left, then right, to the distant horizon, with head raised
and then holding that pose indefinitely, for the photo
is a skill she has perfected over her many
years of posing and she is always
ready to demonstrate these
for less experienced
pets all around
the world.
Here below she exhibits for you, her mastery of acting as well
with some amazing and realistic movie interpretations
which you will instantly recognize - I'm sure.
'Forrest Gump'
(on seeing a nude woman)
And hang on to your seats for. . .
'Deaf Werewolf of London'
(The Case of the Slippery Dip Tongue)
I can't look anymore.
I understand completely how he feels,
her posing, and role playing ability
are downright mind-boggling.
And who can forget
the extraordinary
and moving
'Dracula Lives'
(aboard a messy ship)
Followed on by her awesome and
enigmatic 'tour de force'
'Batdog - The Dark Night'
(in green frills)
Is it any wonder dogs from around the world are secretly
using their owners computers every night to visit us.
They want to see what Penny has been doing
and learn her methods so that they can be
just as good posing for their family.
And it surely can't be long
before Hollywood
wants to sign
her up.

Talk about  i n c r e d i b l e !

Here she is finally - portraying Jimmy Stewart
as Ransom Stoddard in 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance' - it's just uncanny.

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