That's certainly a lot of spaghetti
and no, we haven't gone spaghetti mad
but we know someone who knows someone who has.
All these tins and more were given to us by Bill & Wendy, who have an elderly friend who is a bit 'you know'.  Well you know someone like him I'm sure, he keeps buying things by the dozens.   Like 24 steaks, 24 tins of spaghetti, and so on, when there's no chance in the world that he can ever consume it all.
So when we called in the other day Wendy innocently says (deviously) 'do you like spaghetti?'   A leading question to be followed by - 'well here's 20 tins for you' - HA! HA!   People are sneaky like that aren't they?
It's like when they say 'Are you doing anything?' and you politely reply, 'not really'
and then they say, 'well, will you drive me 50 miles to pick up an anchor?'
and you just about choke on your milk, as you instantly splutter out
'Well, I'm r-e-a-l-l-y busy.'   HA! HA!  But it's probably too late.
So this morning the breakfast menu was altered
to reflect the surplus of tins of spaghetti
that we now have in that pantry.
If you place your cursor on each photo there are other notes
and explanations you can read - and if you then click
on the photo you can see a larger quality image.
Well, there you go, spaghetti on bacon, on a toasted bun
a breakfast which we have the means to repeat
innumerable times - should we wish - HA!
And here's a final bachelor 'breakfast tip'
from an early morning, rough looking Rodney.

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