Well it works for me.
And remember to always
take 20 shots of the same thing.
That's our policy, if it's moving or not, just shoot it
lots of times and maybe you'll get lucky
and get one decent photo
out of the bunch.
So here
is our latest
collection of snaps
dramatically entitled as
Please click on each picture
to see a large full screen version.
This is Ricardo moving and his ferry not - on his way over to say hello.
He has spotted me on the bow with the camera.
we're zooming on his looming arrival
Penny has sprung into action to warn all of us (me) that Ricardo is here.
Cranky Andy called by - and like everyone else  p l a n e d  his boat home.
Penny and I must be the slowest boat in the bay - we never  p l a n e .
(maybe Penny is just  t o o  h e a v y )
Then Yankee Bill came by another day - and he tried to  o u t p l a n e  everyone
and he wasn't even steering his boat either (we call it showing off).
Then out of nowhere - - although they did come from somewhere
these giant, ocean cargo ship buoys were towed into the bay
by a tug - and left on a mooring - awaiting a trip ashore
so that they can have all the shell growth blasted.
This is a good distant shot of the trawler Asama - moving not.
And here is the extended panorama of that area on a sunny afternoon
with Clay's ferry, Mark & Jill's yacht, and Brian's with the red dinghy.
swinging the camera further around we see Laurie's yacht, and then Ricardo's ferry
and here's the shot of Laurie's yacht (and he's aboard)
taken from half a mile away on my yacht
pretty good zooming, eh?
There is no bigger one of this shot - as this is the best maximum zoomed size I could get.
But it hasn't been all sunshine and warm days
we've had a goodly share of dull and rain.
So - how's that for a collection of boats
that are 'moving and not'
we've got plenty.
But all things considered
there's more 'not' than 'moving'.
Well that's the lot for today but stay Eveready
for the next intriguing exclamation.
bye till then
Not more of those damn seagulls Penny!
(just click it)
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