This is you Bill - you're thinkin' too much - HA! HA!
All this planning and planning - load the car - pick up the generators - drop them off - it's enuff to frazzle your brain.
This morning, when I made a last minute decision to postpone the shopping till tomorrow - so we could go and buy a new generator on special at Aldi - it was all worked out - HA!   And without too much head scratching at all -
I swear Bill - it's even confusing for Columbo.
Now the plan is - we leave at 8 am - so that we can get up there by 9 - and buy 2 generators.   Brian is going to buy one too - because he needs to add another one to his collection - HA!   That one's got Columbo stumped as well - because Brian has already got more generators than the state of Congo.
We will then immediately return to the shipyard, unload at the dock, and take them both out to the yachts.   Being a bit bigger at 2.2Kw  each, it's really a 2 man job to safely manhandle them.
We will then re-start, on our normal shopping trip.
We have already had the top minds working on it
and as you can see the plan is quite complex.
As expected, this was Columbo's reaction.
and I know just how he feels
I sometimes wonder how we manage to survive
without the flood of advice and opinions.
But we love to hear and get them.
We'll let you know
tomorrow how
we get on.
bye for now
PS. Several people have commented on me eating that whole plate of chops - and Bruno in Italy has even gone so far as to ask 'Are you trying to kill yourself?'   HA! HA!
Well, let's not forgot Penny had some - and you know what a huge eater she is.   And after all there were only 5 chops on the plate and nothing else.
So here is our dinner from last night - a seafood marinara stir-fry - (Penny had cooked mince + some of my seafood) - and as you can see I continue to struggle by on barely enough sustenance to keep 5 Sumo wrestlers alive.

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