Well it's that time again
when we have to fire up the outboard
head ashore - uncover the car, and motor off on
the car rally around the area to the local victuallers of choice.
(the places we like to go to buy stuff we need to stay alive)
As you can see - Penny always rides along
and enjoys the adventure day out
and then a walk around.
As you also know - I take along Brian and MG
two other local boaties from here - to do their shopping
as well - and to get petrol and other heavier things with the car.
They usually get to the car first and uncover it - while I'm still tying up
the runabout at the dock - so that it is safe, and out of the way for the day.
However last week I parked the car in a slightly different spot than usual
and while it is only a small car park, and ours is the only car covered
nevertheless - you don't know Brian & MG as I do (be thankful)
so I've decided to send them this new navigational device,
the latest GPS (Global Positioning System) to help them
in their search for the present location of our car.
By simply holding it up and moving around
they should be able to pinpoint the exact position.
We had a visit the other day from Laurie who told me
that he is going to sell his yacht and move to
Thailand permanently to live with Mai.
(it will be listed for $200,000)
He also brought the surprising news
that  Cranky Andy is intending to stand in the
NSW State elections due shortly, as a running mate
to his old friend Pauline Hanson - formerly of 'One Nation'
formerly of the Queensland Prison system - but presently it seems,
a new resident of our fair state - and living up in Nelson Bay - for a while.
Well, that has to be enough news for today - and apart from these things the
bay has been quiet and peaceful - with calm days and very little wind.
It's Autumn in Oz - and really the best time of the year I think
to be sitting on a yacht out here - the days are very
'lingering' and mellow - allowing you to relax
and think without stress or concern.
So we'll say bye until next time
PS  there was this one minor incident the other day
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