Hi Ivan - here are some photos of your yacht on the new mooring.
I actually took them about 2 weeks ago as I said I would
but then didn't get around to sending them,
you should have reminded me
so it's really your fault.
It all looks AOK Ivan - and there has been no problem - thus far.
I took this shot with the zoom, yesterday afternoon
but most of the time my view of it from here is obscured
by the big old, vintage Halvorsen Cruiser - that is between us.
Don't be concerned that other boats look close to it in this photo
it's just the appearance given by the extreme zoom - they are all well
away from each other and outside the necessary swinging arcs, as normal.
We look forward to hearing from you
any time at all - and the next time
we organize a dinner at the
local Bowling Club
(which is overdue)
we will pick
you up
PS  And sometimes, if you're just too lazy to get off your backside and sit up
your view can even be obscured by a big black clip on the rail.