Isn't he a handsome fellow?
Well actually,
he looks like an alien
that stepped straight out
of a scary science fiction movie.
But the big question we want him to answer is,
what was he doing right out here in the middle of the bay
and sitting perched on the back of our outboard motor yesterday?
He didn't seem to mind me getting up close and personal with the camera
but then he may have been too tired to care and had nowhere to go.
But of course he couldn't stay here.
One way or another, he had to get back to shore
and who knows, that may be why he was sitting right there
on our outboard - he was just waiting for us to give him a lift back in.
Well just by coincidence we did happen to be going that way - HA! HA!
and of course we were quite happy to give him a free ride to shore.
So off I headed - a bit slower than usual - so he could hang on
and he rode along perched in the same spot all the way.
If you look closely you can see him sitting there.
And he was lucky too that it was a pretty smooth, and calm day.
(I don't really know who the big fat man is in the photos)
And eventually, we lifted him up on to the dock - where he posed some more.
He seemed quite happy to be on something more familiar
and commenced to walk about - and preen his feet.
So, once we were all ashore,
we carried him off the dock and then placed
him safely into a nearby tree - and he seemed quite happy.
Although it's hard to tell if he was smiling with that stern poker face he's got.
He never did tell us how he came to get right out there - or where he was going
and I forgot to ask him another big question I was wondering about.
But I think maybe they are.
Bye for now
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