'Godpaddler' get it - not dogpaddler
It's always good to smile.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's been a quiet day - but just a little too humid between these storm fronts making it a bit sweaty, with little breeze.
Thus far we have received 15 nice letters and notes wishing me Happy Birthday - plus a couple of extras from some Pirate download sites we are registered on - who have my birthday - HA!
Well of course that is less than a '5% return' on our emails   but still it pleases me no end - whenever we get a nice letter from a friend - and any 'return' on our 'emailing investment' is just pure 'friendship profit'.
Of course I should sit here and reply to every one - with  appreciative words to long suffering neglected friends and loved ones - but what am I to do - except send a copy of this to everyone - as little compensation - (then go to bed).
And while speaking of 'returns' I can report sadly, that there has not been  a single 'private photo' - nor any 'funds' of any denomination in any currency (we would have accepted anything - even drinking coconuts - HA!) arrive here today - and in fact probably not since the beginning of recorded history -  e v e r .
We waited 'expectorantly' 
(you know, sort of like cough medicine)
but nothing titillating or tenderable appeared.
So to all our friends
here and across the world
I send you an oversized and  b i g
until we greet again
from your friends
Rodney & Penny