Do jellyfish have brains?   Well, I don't think so
but they do seem to sense and react to what they encounter
perhaps it just looks like they're 'lurking about with a sinister purpose'
when in fact all they're trying to do is avoid bumping into something - HA! HA!
This big fellow would not be very nice to bump into with all those stingers.
and he is just meandering about with a superior air and a manner of
'couldn't care less, I can go anywhere, thanks' (which he can).
There are no doubt quite a few around this big bay, but you don't see many
and I'd say this fellow has just been swept along with the incoming tide.
But as the saying goes - 'it could be worse' - it could be like this....
This is in Jellyfish Lake in Palau and if you'd like to see more
about that unique place - then just click right here
fortunately, those jellyfish can't sting anyone
but our big local fellow certainly can.
The other day the fellows from the boatyard came and dropped a new mooring
about 100 metres west of me and towards the bridge a bit
and then shortly after they towed across
the old trawler 'Terna'.
After a sorry couple of years tied to the dock and barges, it has been knocked
about pretty badly and the hull and topsides timber quite damaged.
And so now, our westward sunset photos will feature these two boats.
We have been fortunate to have some quite stunning skies for a couple of days
with the passing storms filling the horizon with changing shapes.
Surprisingly this is a dawn sky - but looking in the opposite direction
to the west away from the sun - and towards Taren Point
I have made it into a High Dynamic Range - HDR
(a method that creates stark and vivid contrasts).
This is the original western sky that morning.
This is a long distance 'zoomed' shot of the sunrise reflecting back from Bill's house.
And if we turn around to look at the sunrise itself, I think you'll agree it's 'special'.
Please have a look at the full image.
There have been a few clouds around because we've had the odd storm
and a few days of light drizzly rain, which we don't mind either.
Storm clouds make for better sunrises and sunsets
but Penny doesn't like it much because
she just has to stay inside
all of the time.
Well that's all for today but make sure not to miss
our next unbelievable drama...
bye for now
'It's just too wet to do  a n y t h i n g '
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