'Doesn't all this cold weather make you hungry?'
You've got to laugh because yesterday we were sweltering in the heatwave
and then in the space of 10 minutes when the cold 'southerly buster' hit
we were nearly shivering & cold and the temperature has been almost
'wintry' all day today - but we're not complaining - we like it that way.
And so, because all this cold weather makes you hungry (HA!)
we've been cooking this hot dinner dish - of 'Garlic Prawns'
that originally came on skewers - but not any more as we
'de-skewered' and then de-voured them pretty quickly.
But here is what we were greeted with yesterday
afternoon when the week-long heatwave was
brought to a wild, sudden, and stormy end.
Penny of course was right on top of the whole situation
monitoring developments, and reacting with
decisive, reassuring, seamanship
as this animation shows.
Now you might think I look pretty relaxed myself
with my legs outstretched on cushions
but it didn't last long - because
trouble was 'afoot' - HA!
(how corny is that)
Right at this moment, Gary on the blue ferry returned from a quiet day out
to find the bay in windswept turmoil, and his mooring tangled.
He came up to the mooring several times but the bow people
couldn't get hold of the rope in the water in the rough
weather and with only a short boat hook pole.
This scenario was repeated about 6 times more but they could not grab the mooring rope.
It was plain they needed a longer boat hook pole and so I grabbed my 20 foot pole
(which is made from the fibreglass mast of a board-sailer) from the side deck
and held it aloft to signal him to come and get it - and he saw me.
He swung over alongside my yacht and I passed it across
to the people on the bow as he motored by me.
And with the much longer boat hook pole they were able to get the rope first time.
And just in case you think I'm exaggerating when I tell you it was  v e r y  strong wind
just take a look at this shot of Gary's aluminium dinghy with it's motor on
alongside his boat, being lifted, and flying in the air like a kite.
And then there was only three bouncy trips across the bay in the dinghy
for him to return the visitors to shore with a story to take home.
I'm pleased to report that today has been cool with only light winds
and indeed quite comfortable compared to this last week
when it was just too hot to even be sitting here.
And as for little Penny - well - she's seen it all before
what's a bit of wind to an old seadog like her.
Now 11 years, it would take more than
a southerly buster to upset the
keeper of the cushions.
So until next time
we will say bye for now