Now that IS scary.
The more you look at that morph the more it starts
to look like it's actually blowing you a kiss.
It's the stuff of real nightmares!
It's so bad that I feel compelled
to put this warning here
for legal reasons.
So now that you've been duly warned
you can proceed warily to view
this gang of characters
from the recent


and then maybe  y o u  can decide
because I reckon
it's just 'too close to call'
And here are a couple of studies
to lend further insight into
the unfathomable.
I know you must be wondering:
'Does Rodney know anyone normal?'
Well - I'm afraid not - because to be involved
with building yachts takes a certain kind of craziness
and we've pretty well got the market cornered in this vicinity.
But maybe - just maybe - if we look hard enough
we might be able to find some photos
of a few who could possibly be
'allowed out in public'
now and then.
So stay 'finger clickin' ready for our next delivery . . .
and we'll sign off in the hope
we haven't scarred you too much
and say bye for now
And we'd like to finish by saying a big 'thank you' to the BBQ organiser . .