We wasn't  l o s t  at all - HA! HA! - but before we start with our little tale, I suppose I should clarify a couple of things so that you don't get worried and start writing back asking me.
First off - we don't have any crocodiles around here - in fact apart from the Zoo and Reptile Park, the nearest wild crocodile would be about 1500 miles north.
Snakes?   Well yes - but I doubt there's any like the giant tree snake in the photo.
Fruit bats? (flying foxes) - probably - we see them flying around at night and crossing the bay.
Tree frogs - there's probably small frogs there somewhere - but not that size.
Emus? (talking or otherwise) - I don't think there are any around the district.   There are certainly colonies of rock wallabies (like small kangaroos) - and that whole area is protected park - but there's nothing in the mangroves.
And as for skeletons in pith helmets? - well who can say - there could be lots.
As I told you in the last episode, we've had some big tides lately
and so when we had a good 2m high the other day
we decided to go over into the mangroves
to look for a big box that Brian
said he'd seen washed
ashore there.
Our first plan was to go ashore and walk along
but the tide was very high and there was lots of floating debris
that I didn't want to go wading through, so we motored around further.
The water was so high that we were able to motor slowly, right in.
and then carefully pull the boats between the mangroves
until we were right in to the big box on shore
Up close it turned out to be a large fibreglass storage container
that someone had cut into - just junk that shouldn't be here.
But it was well worth the little side trip as the flooded mangroves
turned out to be quite an interesting and beautiful sight
a shaded waterway - almost like a tropical jungle.
So having come this far, we decided to do a run to the end of the bay
just to give that newly repaired Yamaha a good workout
and because the high water allowed us to go
all the way to areas that are normally
too shallow to get a boat in.
The yachts at the moorings were starting to look a long way off.
But all went well - and we motored at full speed for a few miles
to the very end - before returning safely home.
Now remember to stay vigilant
for our next horrifying entry
in the local scrapbook
bye for now
 the little motor went like new all day long
we must have done a good job on it