(of Queensland flooding)
(and also new images of our bay)
This is a link to 'before and after' photos of the flooding in Brisbane
sent to me by Carole, my friend, and former secretary from years ago
who now lives in Queensland
I then tracked down that the images had come from a site so I went to have a look - and it is quite an amazing site and it's FREE for private use.
Here is a link to a full size image of the Brisbane Area
taken last week at the height of the flooding:
if you zoom in you can see the extent of the flooded areas quite clearly.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
There has been no flooding - and hardly any rain for weeks
where we are here in Sydney which is 600 miles south of Brisbane.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Nearmap site works a bit like Google Earth but they have recent images - and there is a timeline and menu at the top to select the available photos/dates.
You just type in a location like 'Taren Point, NSW'
and this is what you get:
It's pretty impressive at fullscreen - and zoomed right up.
This photo was apparently taken on the 13th September 2010 which was a Monday - and I was home with 2 boats tied on the back - HA!   The dots on the line across the top are for different dates that are available - pretty good eh?
You can move/drag the image around (L-click hold down) - and zoom in and out much like Google Earth using the + - arrows on the top left - or R-click on the image.   They are exceptionally clear - and more importantly - quite recent.
I will send you some more information as it becomes available
here at 'Internet Addicts Unanimous'.
from your friends
Rodney & Penny