Dear Bruno (in Italy)
Thanks for the good letter - and especially as it seems it is a bit of problem with the internet and the computer right where you are - so I appreciate the effort all the more.
You have no need to be any more concerned than normal at my physical and psychological state - both are listed as 'neglected, declining, fast becoming a big blob of inactivity' - although perhaps I should take the positive view expressed by Bill when he said 'I am grateful that you are still moving about unaided' - HA! HA!
No - we are OK my friend - believe me.   I have just been feeling a bit fatter and lazier than normal - and have been doing some resting and reading - in between attempts to fix the outboard.
On that count I'm pleased to report that we have finally had complete success in totally restoring the 6 hp Yamaha to it's perfect running condition.   It is like new again - and has been completely serviced and cleaned - including the carburettor, lines, pumps, new spark plugs - and today we fitted a new impeller in the water pump.
Just as I said in the recent emails - I thought the problem was the impeller in the water pump - as the motor was running perfectly after our job on it the other day - but still overheating and there was not enough water coming out - and I guessed - a blockage - or the impeller.   So right after breakfast I got stuck into it again - with Brian's help.
Here is the water pump assembly in the leg being undone
this is what we found when we pulled the leg off
and opened the water pump
Just look at that - the rubber impeller is torn to shreds
is it any wonder that it's not pumping water and overheating.
And to make matters worse - the broken bits were jammed in the outlet
thus stopping just about all water from getting up to the engine to cool it.
There was nothing to do but get a new impeller - which meant a trip ashore to one of the Marine shops nearby.   My car is parked at the rear of the shipyard parking area and covered over - and no doubt blocked in - until we go on Wednesday - so I had the bright idea to call Bill on shore and ask if he'd mind giving Brian a lift around the street to get one.   Naturally he said that would be fine - and off Brian went - with $45 (available loose cash) I gave him to cover the cost (having seen them on the internet for about $20).
Brian makes a course straight for Bill's house
in this 'super-zoomed' long distance shot
It was about half and hour later - that he returned with the new impeller - and the news that Neptune didn't have one and he had to go to Hunts the Yamaha Dealer and that they had charged him $50 for the small rubber impeller (that probably cost them $2) - talk about criminal extortion.   As I said - I'd only given him $45 and he had to haggle with them to get them to take that amount and give him the impeller.
So here it is - slid down the shaft and in position
waiting for the pump housing to go over it
this is apparently what $50 looks like.
(I estimate that using that per part cost scale this motor is worth approximately $30,000)
Needless to say - that once it was all put back together - it started fine - and ran perfectly - and water came gushing from the overflow outlet - as it should.   I took the motor for a full speed test run - all the way over and around your yacht - and back - and it ran great and sounded just as it should - with a nice note - and good temperature.
So we are claiming that as a total SUCCESS - HA! HA!
Despite the fact that the impeller should have only cost $15 - $20 - I will be philosophical about it - and say that if $50 is all I've have to spend on it in repairs, these last 2 years - and for the next couple - then I've done pretty well really.   It's a very good motor.
Brian was a good help - both in dis-assembling and then helping put it back together - and doing that running about - so I appreciate that too.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
You may be wondering about that old motor of yours that we took to Penrith - well it's still there waiting for me to go and pick it up.   I rang John this morning to get some tips from him about undoing the gear shaft which is different on this model - and he told me it is still sitting there completely fixed and waiting for me.   He's not concerned - and I told him I would definitely try and make a trip up to see him in the next week or two and get it.   Then of course, we would have another good spare motor - almost the same.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Well - that's the story right now - although as usual there are lot's of other bits and pieces going on around the place.   Yankee Bill is back on his yacht having returned from Kate's farm in Victoria - and he has just got his latest Volvo arrived safely from the USA and he's unloaded it at the farm.   He called over here for a visit and chat yesterday - but he didn't get a cup of tea - as he said as he left - HA! HA!
Just this evening a very strong southerly blew through here - and whipped the bay up like always - and I went out on deck and saw Johann - being blown across the bay towards the Fishing Club.   Well he was motoring, sort of, actually - but in his usual 'drunken zig-zag' and 'big S' way of proceeding forward.   The boat seems to sway and waver repeatedly left and right as he corrects himself all the time.   My guess is that he was either going the short distance home - or heading ashore to Shell Point - and the 'drunken sailor' ended up half-way down the bay and into the mangroves.   He was 'lost' and 'zag-zigging' his way back - along the shoreline and was near Lewis' Yard - when I put the binoculars away and came in.   It's the same old story - HA! HA!
That will do us Bruno - it's almost 11pm - and time to call it a night.
Talk to you again soon.
from your friends
Rodney & Penny