We've gotten off to a sorry start on Christmas Day.
(And it gets WORSE as you read - HA!)
First it was the generator - and we've had to switch to the other new generator - after spending yesterday afternoon working on the previous one.   It had suffered some 'setbacks' recently - HA!.
Whilst I'm not going to blame Machine Gun - (although I'd like to)  - he certainly didn't help matters when we plugged in and tested a new LED light fitting he'd made and brought over to me - and it completely  - blew - shorted - and smoked - melting the inside of it - - and overloading and blowing the circuit breaker on the little generator - - thus crashing the computer and everything in the boat.
You'd have to say that he ranks right up there with the worst electricians in the history of the world - surpassed only by Brian - that famous 'blower-up' of batteries.   The round light that he had wired up and soldered inside literally imploded in my hands - and when I opened it - it was a black smouldering melted mess - - - - - - and I was HOLDING IT - to plug it in - HA! HA!
Why I listen to anything MG ever says or advises is beyond me.
I deserve to be electrocuted just for thinking
he might know anything correct.
In fairness - (not that it's deserved) - the generator had been playing up and not handling the load properly - before that - but he certainly didn't help it one little bit - with that wiring disaster.
My mobile phone is still disconnected
so I'm going to be in HEAPS OF TROUBLE from the relatives trying to call
they'll think I'm just playing hermit like always.  HA! HA!
And then just to make matters worse, a FEW MINUTES INTO THE DAY I sliced through the back of my hand with a big carving knife on the back deck - it's an ugly scene - let me tell you.  This from a man who's always extra careful with knives, because of the bleeding.   I'd put a picture but it's too horrible for Xmas Day - or any day - HA!
I know you will just want to see it
so here's a small picture
not so gruesome.
(and deliberately blurred to prevent fainting)
Penny said not to put it in the email
'there was lots of  r e d '
So how's that for a fine start to Christmas Day - HA! HA!
I'm sure things will improve - but then for all we know
this could be the best part of the day
which is a worry - HA! HA! HA!
Taking a step back for a moment - I should certainly mention though that
we had a nice visit from Mark yesterday who was doing the rounds
and delivering little bags of homemade sweets with a card
all very thoughtfully prepared by his wife Jill.
Pretty good eh - - and I'm calling them
'White Christmas Rice Bubble Crackles with a Jaffa on top'
A very nice Christmas gesture don't you think?
but then . . .
that was yesterday
and today could use a little sweetener
so I'm going to have one of them right now.
Brian has just turned up
and now look what's coming our way
Well if it isn't the old Prussian electrocutor himself.
You don't think he gives two hoots it's Christmas Day.
Well things seems to be spiralling down the drain very quickly.
(I might have to have another of Jill's Christmas Crackles - urgently)
Didn't I tell you that the cut hand could be the best part of the day - HA! HA!
PS  By the way - it's a beautiful, calm, sunny day here on the bay in Australia
and little Penny is sunbaking on her cushions.
PPS  When it was time for the morning shower - this scene was played out. . .