It's a nice picture isn't it - NOT - NOT - NOT!
It's a  t e r r i b l e  picture.
We have had a day of strong winds at times 35-40 knots
and the bay has been choppy and the
runabout has gone under
A G A I N !!
And to make matters worse - it's been too windy - still - to fix it.
I tried pumping for about 15 minutes but as you can see in this next shot
there is just more water washing into all the time - while ever this wind continues
(don't be fooled by that calmer water - our big yacht has swung causing it)
It has recently been damaged on the front edge and the towing ring has pulled out
allowing for water to get inside the double hull - when the weather gets rough.
Then if it gets a bit heavier - and this nasty wind and rough chop gets going
well . . . it's just a matter of time before it is overwhelmed
and ends up like this - half-floating - half-not.
Unfortunately it may have to now stay like that until these winds are gone
and there is calm water behind the yacht for it to be pumped out.
All the things in the boat are tied and shouldn't get away
and the boat has 3 ropes to it - and is not pulling.
This weather is predicted to stay much
the same for tomorrow.
If I try and go in it when it's full  like that
my weight will push it right under
motor and all - which
we don't want.
As per usual - they predicted about 20 kph and it blew 50 - 60
how typical is that - and they get paid for doing that job.
I'd say that in the very near future - that runabout
needs a serious talking to as to what it's
responsibilities are as a boat.
Namely - to float.
Looks like some boat repairs are needed come calm weather
perhaps a day at the Lewis Yard boat ramp over
the holidays when there's not much
going on around the place.
It's been a real dancing day with lots of
'Rock n Roll' and 'Swing'
PS  We retrieved this big bundle of 3/4" hose as it came drifting by yesterday.
I think it had come a long way as it had lots of ribbon seaweed tangled
and it was late on the incoming tide as it passed close beside us.
It was not in line with any boats anywhere within miles of us.